Being a Girl


screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-25-35-pmAs a normal, American, female, I’m annoyed with women who constantly scream assault, in a crowded room.  They’re making it more and more difficult for women who truly have been through the nightmare of assault, trauma, and rape.   I think they should be forced to wear some huge scarlet letter, proclaiming them to be the ultimate liar.  Make  no mistake, women do lie.  They do it, constantly.  If you want my humble observation of my gender, they are far worse then men will ever be.

Generically speaking, I don’t like women.  I don’t trust women.  As a whole, or gender does more to destroy those around us, than men do.  No one should trust women.  If it appears as though I don’t like women, well, I don’t.  The average woman wills stab another in the back, and smile doing it, then blame the victim.  Trust me, my back is full of scars.

As for universal sisterhood, forget that.  Sure, I’d love to see a woman POTUS, but I want one who is qualified, and not the worst example of corrupt politician ever.

If it is to their best interests, there are women who will like about rape, assault, and harassment.  Why not?  There are times when you can achieve more as a victim.  And, no, I don’t believe the women who are accusing Donald Trump.  If they had come forward six months ago, I would have been far more inclined to do so.  They’ve creates such a distaste, I’m now wondering about the myriad of women who are accusing Bill Cosby.  And, don’t get me started – there.  They knew what they were doing.  No woman goes to a man’s dwelling, alone, for career advice, unless she is sure of the man, or is well aware more is going to occur.

There’s another little girly secret.  We like attention.  Only an idiot truly minds when you get a wolf whistle.  Sorry, but unless the person is a total freak, it makes your day.  So does being told that you look nice.  We’ve all had our fair share of unwanted kisses.  We’ve been pinched, hugged, oogled, and touched.  My great-aunt Mabel handled things like that with an Edwardian hat pin.  She said use it one time and they never tried it again.

I don’t even remember the situation now, but someone invited me to meet them in his motel room.  I asked a male friend who told me that was an invitation.  If I did not want to get involved, then I did not go.  This was a quarter century ago. He told me any woman who goes to a man’s hotel room is going for one  reason, only.  That’s how I feel about the women in the Crosby scandal.

As a woman, I’ve had my fair share of tacky attempts for a feel.  I walked away, and stayed away.  I also knew how to cultivate that completely unavailable aura.  Most men respect that.  The problem is feminism, in so many ways, is so fake – and we are seeing that fake aspect of it, during this election cycle.

What Hillary Clinton is doing, this election cycle, is disgusting.  It is – deplorable.  She is playing the injured woman, manipulating the insecurities of women who are low-information voters.  She is using them.  She is playing them for fools.  She is playing everyone for fools.

I’m not playing her game.  I’m not falling for the game that betrays the real victims of rape and assault.  In my generation, one in ten women has been victimized.  In the younger generations, it is one in five.  A stray kiss is not a rape.  Most women, when given attention by a male they consider ‘superior’ rarely complain. The local hot jock can get away with a heck of a lot more than the president of the local chess club.

And then there are the women who cry rape to destroy the hot jock.

If I’m less than impressed with my gender, there’s a reason.  I will bet my toy poodle that each of the women who have allegedly accused Donald Trump of being less than a gentleman, if approached by him, with an offer that might not be honorable but will be valuable, financially, will jump at it.  If it appears I have no respect for women – well, I don’t.