Our Reprehensible Society


screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-7-05-14-pmI’m tired of this.  I consider myself a lady.  The language that is being used is disgusting.  Once upon a time, about a year ago, the sort of language which is now standard operational pornography, was prohibited in polite company.  It is ironic that the left, during the 2008 election cycle, had no problem using another word, that began with a “c” to denigrate Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham.  It is lovely how it is perfectly acceptable to throw filthy language, fit for bathrooms only, around Republican women of virtue, but not acceptable for a man to use other language, in private.

I don’t like the “f” word and do not associate with people who use it.  I do not allow it to be used in my presence.  There are other words I don’t give a shit if people, use, that being one of them.  My favorite hyphenated word is a descriptive A-H.  There are words and phrases which should be taboo, especially when we are dealing with innocence.

I don’t know how parents handle things, today, with the filth that is out there.  We need to be very clear about one specific thing.  The very group of people who are condemning Donald Trump are the very ones who delight in trying to destroy personal morality, and corrupt the innocent.  They defend the use of truly horrific lyrics of popular music.  The have no problem with stage performances which include crotch grabbing, undulating, and the artistic display of various sex acts – in front of minors.  It is filth.  But, if someone like moi says something about it, I’m the one with a problem.

So, let someone like moi say that what is being done to Donald Trump is disgusting and I’m the one with the problem.  Dare bring filthy pop culture behavior up in front of the people condemning something Trump said in private and well – we’re seriously disturbed. Something is very wrong here.

And, no, I don’t force my personal moral code on anyone.  I have a very strong code of morals.  I don’t expect people to live up to my morals.  No one should.  People have a right to live as they want to live.  I do require honor.  We have something very seriously wrong with this country when a vice president can get away with groping women all day long, including young teen girls, but just let a hint of something askew enter into the conversation with a Republican and he/she must be destroyed.

Maybe it was a good thing when our leaders had the morals of barnyard animals and we knew nothing about it.  Maybe it is time we start requiring Democrats to live up to their hypocrisy.