Making a Show Out of Assault


screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-25-35-pmOnce again I have angered the liberal type by stating that, in my experience, women who crave a tremendous amount of media attention for an alleged assault are lying.  Go all the way back to the Tawana Bradley case, decades ago, and you will often find a woman basking in the media spotlight, claiming rape, is not being very candid. I’ve been told I have no sympathy, I blame the victim, and am a bad person.  Frankly, I don’t care what the left thinks of me.  When you ask these women if they’ve been through the hell of what I have, well, no.

A real assault is soul-sucking.  It destroys a part of a person.  You will never be able to get that part of you back.  You will never be who you were, before it happened.  We don’t know how we will act.  I know a young woman who became dependent on anti-depressants and other medications.  I know another changed her life, completely.  I know one who allowed the assault to turn her into an invalid.  I became a hysterical bitch.  Then, I discovered that my actions were normal for someone going through an abnormal situation.  That took care of it for me.

I was past the statute of limitations.  It as a relief knowing the person who molested and tried to kill me was dead.  What helped me begin to heal was when I discovered his son apparently stopped the multi-generational pedophilia in his family and has become an outspoken champion for abused children.  When I began speaking out on what happened to me, the stalking began.  Along with it came the death threats – which had never really stopped.  The person who molested me when I was in the third grade attempted kidnappings.  He stalked me until he was arrested.  My parents couldn’t even get a restraining order.  The local judge refused to help them. He tried breaking into my bedroom at night.  I was just a little kid, but I still don’t like opening my bedroom windows, or putting up the shades.  He tried taking me from school.  I was not allowed to have a normal life, nor live as other kids lived.  It destroyed my life.  I spent nearly 38 years reacting, then I realized I had to deal with it.

There was an article I read about a woman who mentioned assault.  At one time I don’t know if what happened would be classified as a true assault.  It was very much harassment.  It was being attacked.  Some of it is just plain sexual harassment – and who hasn’t been effected?  I can’t see going hysterical about something you can’t prove and did nothing about in the first place.  If the person who had molested me, as a child, were still alive, I would probably make sure he would not hurt another child, but there are things like statute of limitations.

When a person goes to court with an assault, stalking, or rape case, most of the time, if it is a criminal case, they can’t talk about it until the case is over, and there may be a gag order.  If there is a lawsuit there is probably going to be a gag order.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  The only time a woman is going to parade around the media with Gloria Alred is either fishing for publicity, trying to sell a book, or working on an out of court settlement.  If they have evidence, thus far, it would not be enough to hold up in a criminal case, nor a civil case.  Witch hunts, like they have done with Bill Cosby are rare.   There’s a very good reason people look askew at a woman when she goes this route.

If someone like Donald Trump had done something vile, I would have been shouting it, when it happened.   That’s the problem here.  The man has been around women for decades.  He is far from perfect, but, when there is someone debunking each of these women, and other women saying he never did things like this, it is a he said – she said situation.  If the women had come out of the closet six months ago, I would have paid attention to their stories.  Having spent so much time in politics, I consider it a political dirty trick.  You see, timing is everything.

You can’t make-out very well in the first class section of a plane, from the 1980s.  I flew first class enough.  The arm rest is stationary.  I can remember thinking, so much for romance, or the movies you see with people in first class, fooling around.  It would be very difficult.  The divider armrests were a good 10 to 12 inches wide.  The woman in question also is employed by the Clinton Foundation.  Another woman received $100K for three modeling photos.  The logistics on two of the other accusations have been discredited.  It seems to me, if you are going to accuse someone, get your story and your act together.  Accuse them at different times, and don’t do it a few weeks before an election.

I’m tired of this.  I’m also tired of being treated like a jerk because I’m speaking out against these women.  I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for women who have been through hell.  Speaking of which, it will be a cold day in – before I believe their stories.