Isn’t It Depressing?


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-28-35-pmBasically, the choice is between a jerk and a total and complete bitch.  Knowing women as I do, I’ll go with the jerk.  Anyone who is a student of history knows that there are times when philandering jerks make truly great leaders and the ‘nice’ guys are total and complete disasters.

I’m truly disgusted by the latest developments from the Clinton campaign.  If true. we’re looking at Watergate on steroids.  Frankly, I don’t give a damn about a jerk who allegedly gropes and tries to be a middle-age kissing bandit.  Just knee him and go on about your business. This is where I repeat part of a conversation I had with a friend, the other day.

Men don’t make truly disgusting passes with a certain class of women.  It has nothing to do with money, education, or social class and everything to do, according to my friend’s five brothers, demeanor.  Men, they told her, seem to know when a woman in on the make.  One brother told her just one or two comments and he would know which woman was receptive to his advances and which wasn’t.  In other words, nice girls don’t.  Yes, it sounds nasty, but I’ve reached the point where I don’t care.

Now, getting back to Hillary, we have a problem.  This is a woman who wants something so bad, she will corrupt the very thing she wants.  When someone is willing to go that far, they have no business achieving their goal. You don’t know what they will do, or how far they will go.  We’re starting to see it, corrupting the rule of law, lying, cheating, destroying, and entangling the current Administration into the corruption.  It is criminal.  If we were dealing with the GOP, people would go to prison over what they are doing. Because we are dealing with Democrats, well, they’ll figure out a way to destroy Republicans over it.

Let’s face it, Democrats are dirtier. The corruption we are currently seeing is basically unprecedented.  When you add too it the fact that the Dems are attempting to bully the GOP into submission and damn Trump supporters as white supremacists, it is just plain old depressing.

If they are willing to corrupt the entire system to get Hillary elected, what are they also planning?