The Great Trump – Clinton…Divorce?


screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-11-55-06-pmEveryone is getting this all wrong.  We are not witnessing a campaign for the next POTUS, we are watching a pair of combatants in what is little more than a divorce. That’s how they are acting.  This isn’t your normal campaign.  It can’t be.  It is the first time a woman has been at the top of the ticket.  I don’t care what anyone is saying, people don’t know how to react and Hillary is taking advantage of it, as she should be doing.

It is a divorce.  It is made worse by the fact that the combatants, at one time were friends.  Had thy not known one another, I have absolutely no doubt the battle would not be near this nasty.  It is about the break-up of a friendship, rather like one of those ID programs about neighbors and friends destroying one another.    After all, this is a woman tough enough to survive one of the great modern womanizers, and a battle scarred vitrine of the dirtiest divorce in the history of New York City.

They are survivors.  Just look at their behavior, Thursday night, at the Al Smith Dinner.  Contrary to the hand wringing on the left, Hillary landed as many nasty punches as Trump did.  When you think about it, and cut back to the constant face palms of the Cardinal, it was funny.

It was downright hilarious.

If one had taken the high road, it might have been tragic, but neither one did.  It reminded me of the movie War of the Roses, where the characters played by Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas were so determined to destroy one another that they did just that, at the end. We are dealing with two, obnoxious brats.

The best thing to do is keep them apart, and just sit back and enjoy the show.  If this were between any other two candidates, male and female, I don’t know if it would be any different.  I think it is the dynamics of the uniqueness of the situation.  But, trust me, if it were between two women, the campaign would be even dirtier.  Women fight much dirtier than men.  And, Hillary is taking advantage of the fact that she is a woman. I’d be doing the same thing.