Voter Recruitment Via Harassment, Shame, and Bullying


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMIf you follow social media, and the headlines, it becomes rather apparent that there is something of a war of intimidation and harassment being waged against anyone supporting Donald Trump.   We’re dealing with a war of scorched earth, take no prisoners, search and destroy, and political Armageddon.  The intimidation is so intense, even people who are basically nothing, are being harassed and threatened.

The idea is to silence into either acquiescence or capitulation.  The intimidation and implications are that if you do not submit, not only will your candidate lose, but you will also be losing, in many ways, including financial.  It is exhausting and ceaseless. Evidently the trickle down theology of harassment tells us that Hillary Clinton has such contempt for the average American voter that she thinks she can destroy us the way she did her husband’s women.

Not only is this a very frightening and terribly ‘unAmerican’ situation, but it is dangerous, like a game of Russian Roulette.  Hillary could possibly destroy herself in the process.  She may also destroy the political scene in this nation, but I’m not buying that one.  I lived through Watergate.  If she wins, I see a perp walk in her future.

Republicans are a bunch of cowards. The Never Trump bunch are the worst.  They are so fearful of keeping their precious status quo I suspect they would be like the upper class Hebrews dealing with their Roman overlords – what ever it takes to get along and prosper.  In other words, they don’t give a rip about we the little people, as long as they can have their token seats of power, and the graft that comes after they retire.

This is no way to run a country.