(How Hillary Flunked) Politics 101


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-28-03-pmThere is a basic comment a person who decides to run for office must be able to answer, within hours of making that decision.  Why?  Why do you want to run?  If you cannot answer that question, then you have no business running.  Once you decide why you are running, the phrase must become succinct and must be quotable.  It should be on everything – it is who you are and why you are running.

In order to answer that question, you must know yourself.  While it should be original, there is harm nor foul for getting help shaping the statement, making it more palatable for the media and for voters.  The message should be professional, simple, heart-felt, and reflect the messenger. It then becomes your campaign slogan.

We have learned that Hillary Clinton utilized the services of at least a dozen focus groups to come up with a slogan and a message for her campaign.  She doesn’t know herself?  This isn’t rocket science.  You either know why you are running for office, or you don’t.  It’s like Morning in America, Making America Great Again, Hope and Change, and so forth and so on.  You must know yourself in order to come up with a reason for running.

We’re looking at a glaring example of the fact that Hillary Clinton is either that shallow, or doesn’t know why she’s running. Oh, wait, she does, but why she’s running, to Make Clintons Rich Again is not what the American people want to hear.  So, she had to search and search and search to find a reason.

I don’t know if that is tragic of hilarious.

It is quite sad.