Someone Should Have Told Her No


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AM“…“I’m livid, actually. . . .This has turned into malpractice. It’s an unforced error at this point. I have no idea what Comey is up to but the idea this email issue is popping back up again is outrageous. It never should have occurred in the first place. Someone somewhere should have told her no. And they didn’t and now we’re all paying the price.”…”

The quote, according to USA Today, comes from one of Hillary Clinton’s supporters.  The problem, for those of us who oppose the corruption and dishonesty of Bill & Hillary Clinton is the fact that they are basically untouchable.  One former FBI agent calls them a criminal enterprise.

That’s partisan.  I’m partisan.  I understand sticking with a losing politician or someone who is behaving like a jerk.  Being a jerk is not criminal.  Neither is being politically incorrect.  What Hillary Clinton has done and is doing is criminal.  That’s her problem.  The way I see it, she will never be held accountable.  Like the article in USA Today states, no one every tells her no.  Instead, they let her get away with she wants to do, even POTUS.

That alone does not make sense.  What about this woman causes honorable men and women to violate everything they hold dear and do her bidding?  Are they afraid of her?  Does she have enough information to blackmail them?  She must.  There is no logical explanation for why honest and decent people sacrifice everything, for her.


The great Tombstone historian, Ben Traywick once told me that Ike Clanton was a corrupter, in that he literally corrupted everyone who came near him.  He knew how to ruin lives with his abject lack of morality. The irony is that Hillary Clinton, who was born on October 26, is like Ike Clanton in that she corrupts everything she touches.  How many lives has she destroyed and will she destroy for her pursuit of power?

Why do people allow her to get away with it?