Sorry, the Russians Are Not Coming, Repeat, the Russians Are Not Coming


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmOne of my dirty little secrets is that I am a big fan of I Love Lucy, to the point where I’m hooked on late night reruns on the Hallmark Channel.  You might be scratching your head and asking what this has to do with Russia, Hillary, Trump, and elections, but be patient.  Unfortunately, the Hallmark Channel suspends I Love Lucy from now until after Christmas so they can run their truly cheesy and poorly made, and horrifically acted holiday movies.  On Saturday, while I was trying to work through prolonged writer’s block (and may have done so), I was stuck watching reruns of other things.  I was watching this truly absurd and disturbed family on Dr. Phil.  What interested me, though was when he said that their relationship needed a hero, someone to be the grown-up in the room, and do what was best for their family.

This second term of Barack Obama has proven to be an absolute disaster when it comes to dealing with Russia.  His relationship with Vladimir Putin is petty, self-serving, juvenile, narcissistic, and dangerous. It is not the relationship of a statesman, but a petty man who is trying to prove, constantly, he is the bigger man.  In doing so, he proves just what a little man he is.

On Monday evening, if you follow Twitter, it would like like a full-blown Red Scare, complete with innuendo, the ghost of Joe McCarthy, and Hillary to the rescue.  Donald Trump is consorting with the enemy.  Russia is the enemy, right?

We are not at war with Russia.
It is legal to own businesses in Russia.
It is legal to be in business with Russians.
It is legal to have Russian friends.
It is legal to travel to Russia.
It is legal for Russians to travel here.
It is legal to be online with someone from Russia
It is legal to call people Russia.
It is legal to email people Russia.

Doing business with and associating with people from Russia is no different than anyone in Europe.  Doing business with Russia is no different than doing business with any other country.  Yet, if you pay attention to the Democrats, there is something terribly evil about it.

This is about the Obama Administration and their intention of keeping up their faux tale about Ukraine, no matter that the Kerry State Department was hip deep in that one, along with numerous representatives of a group the left accuses Trump of belonging. This is about Barack Obama’s absolute incompetence on the world stage and his apparent determination to get us into World War III.

The false narrative is now in place.  Russia is the enemy.  Putin makes an excellent enemy, regardless of actual facts. The left is stupid enough to buy into it.  Obama’s slobbering media lap-dogs will do and print anything that helps him.  They’re doing the same with Hillary.  Instead of working with Putin in Syria, Obama has been content to deal directly with Al Queda and our enemies, arming them, even arming ISIS, in order to embarrass Putin. The slaughter of tens of thousands of innocents, and the genocide of Syrian and Armenian Christians is just a tacky side-effect.  The problem with Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton is that they have the innocent blood of tens of thousands on their filthy hands.  They don’t care.

The worst of it is Russia is now more welcoming to Christians than is the United States.  Obama has made a mess of the world.  Hillary Clinton will make it worse, just to save face.  Let’s also not forget one salient little fact.  George Soros will be arrested the moment he steps onto Russian soil.  Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for by him.  Fact is, he basically owns the Democrats.

We need someone here who is willing to be one of Dr. Phil’s heroes, to step up, act like the grown-up in the room, and stop demonizing Russia.  If someone doesn’t, we are barrelling into nuclear war. The worst part of it is the media will cheer on the Democrat who pushes the button.  It doesn’t matter of a couple hundred million people are fried. We need population control, right?