Trump Derangement Syndrome (or)


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmWhat Hillary Clinton is doing to the American people is classic abuse, on a massive scale, something we’ve never experienced.

If we are fortunate, in this world, we are blessed with one best friend.  I’ve been blessed with two.  One is in South Carolina, the other here in New Mexico.  They are diametrically opposite in personality, which is truly interesting.  My friend in SC is as political as am I.  My friend here in NM is not.  She avoids it like the plague.  Fortunately, her daughter, who is like a third niece, is a political animal.  I swear she gets it from me.

My friend’s husband is political.  His problem, right about now is that he’s worried about Trump. He’s so worried he’s lost his usual off the wall, political sense of humor.  I couldn’t even have a good conversation with him he’s so worried.   It was no use even explaining it’s going to be okay.  I told him do what I’ve done, just sit back and enjoy the show.

I’m terribly worried about next Wednesday.  What on earth am I going to do?  It’s going to be over, done, finished, no more campaign.  I’ve lived and died this for nearly 2 years.  We’re talking COLD TURKEY.  My friend is more worried about Trump.  I’m worried about me, next Wednesday.


The bottom line is we need to get a grip. I go back to what I know about human nature and abuse.  This has been a horrible campaign.  Everyone blames it on Donald Trump.  I think we’re dealing with the abusive Clinton machine.  What Hillary Clinton has done is abusive.  She is literally abusing the American voter.  That’s how she is behaving.  She is like the man who says that his wife has made him beat her.  When you are an abusive person and a compulsive liar, you accuse the other person of doing what you are guilty of doing.

Hillary Clinton is the abuser.  Her techniques are no different from the classic abuser, only we just don’t see it because we’re too close.  She has us blaming everyone else, for her crimes.  She uses, manipulates, and destroys good people like a psychopath, playing to their weaknesses.  I’ve been sitting here for months, watching what is going on, trying to figure out what it is.  She’s playing us for fools.  It is abuse, plain and simple, but on such a grand scale, we don’t realize what she has done.

The manipulative media has turned us against one another.  Hillary is now telling her supporters to try talking their friends and family out of voting for Trump.  Her supporters are intimidating those of us voting for him.  People are losing their jobs for supporting Trump.  People are threatening businesses who have owners who openly support him.  They are forgetting this is a free country where we are allowed to support who we want, openly, without fear of reprisal or intimidation.

Her candidacy is a criminal enterprise, that plain and simple.  What support she can’t win because she’s a woman, she has her associates threaten and harass.  We are bullied and called white supremacists, racists, and bigots because racism is the new way to destroy good people.  Her actions have seriously damaged this nation.  I truly fear for those of us who did not vote for her, if she wins.

One of the very real problems we are facing is the fact that the very voters she is abusing and intimidating are men and women who have never experienced anything like what she is doing either personal or professional.  They don’t recognize her approach for what it is.  Who do you tell if the rich and powerful smack you around?  You can’t go to the cops.  You just sit back and take it, and say thank you.  That is the way classic, and powerful abusers work.  That’s what she’s doing.

She is also empowering hate, and encouraging it within the ranks of her supporters. If she loses, it is not going to be pretty.  The left discusses how badly behaved Trump supporters are going to be, but if past history is any indication, we’re going to have a problem.  One thing truly bothers me.  Trump supporters are being accused of horrible deeds, racism, bigotry, vicious attacks, and truly despicable deeds.  No one enjoys being falsely accused and constantly slandered.  I do question the integrity of anyone who constantly damns members of a political party, falsely accusing them of violence and evil deeds.

We all should.