Obama’s Racist Meltdown


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMThe problem started, this time, when the grand and glorious KKK ‘newspaper’ the Crusader, endorsed Trump.  The media went wild.  They are neglecting to mention that it is a 12-page quarterly.  This is huge.  It is earth-shattering, all those KKK members supporting Trump.  The problem is there may be a grand total of 190 groups with a membership of anywhere from 5000 to 8000.  The joke is that half of those numbers will include undercover law enforcement.  There are at least 40,000,000 people supporting Donald Trump.  Do you see the difference?  But, that did not stop Barack Obama from making a fool of himself.

“…If you disrespect women before you were president, you will disrespect women when you’re in office. If you accept the support of a Klan sympathizer, the Klan, and hesitate when asked about that support, then you’ll tolerate that support when you’re in office.” – Barack Obama

On Wednesday Barack Obama lied about Donald Trump.  He did not stretch the truth, he lied.  If he lied about Trump, then what else has he lied about over the years?  I voted for Barack Obama in 2012.  I wish I could take back that vote, today.  I have never been more disgusted by a POTUS than I am today.  I am ashamed of that vote.  I feel I owe everyone an apology for what I did.  I’ve never been ashamed of a vote, until now.  Then again, I’ve never voted for a Democrat, until 2012.  It is a mistake I will never again make, trust me.


Hillary also lied, but we expect her to lie.  She is basically incapable of even recognizing factual accuracy.

“…Clinton herself traveled Thursday for the first time to eastern North Carolina, a region whose black voters were instrumental to Obama’s 2008 win, a trip that Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield has been lobbying the campaign to make. At a rally in Winterville, she raised the prospect that Trump could take over the Federal Housing Administration and called him, “someone who thinks the lives of black people is all crimes and poverty and despair.”

“He has no idea — none — of the strength of the black church, the vibrancy of black-owned business, the excellence of historically black colleges and universities,” she said, embarking on a riff that included a description of his treatment of the Central Park Five.

He has spent this whole campaign offering a dog whistle to his supporters,” she continued. “Just a few days ago — I want you to hear this because this has never happened to the nominee of a major party — just a few days ago Donald Trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan.”…”

She spoke like Trump sought their endorsement, which he did not.  She ignored the fact that he has denounced their support, many times.  Never mind that there are no more than 15-20,000 card carrying white supremacists in the country, and the man has upward of 40 million supporters.  Hillary Clinton has never been one to let a good smear get in the way of factual accuracy.  Whom she plans on destroying, she will destroy, no matter who they are.  She will destroy them.  She always has.  She always will, right?

That is not as bad, though, as Barack Obama invoking racism to attempt to destroy Donald Trump.  I’ve been suspecting, for several years, that Obama has been manipulating racism to improve his poll numbers and make the Democratic message more critical for minority communities.  This was a speech planned, and given to inflame the minority community, to bring them out to vote.  It was cold, calculating, mendacious, and beneath the man.

There is something else the duplicitous media doesn’t bother mentioning.  No candidate, not Hillary Clinton, with her known history of associating with Robert Byrd, Barack Obama, or even Donald Trump is responsible for the people who support and endorse them.  All they can do is strongly denounce the endorsement.  Holding anyone responsible for fringe elements who support and endorse is intellectually dishonest.  It would be like holding Jodie Foster responsible for the fact that John Hinckley Jr. tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan, to impress her.  Only a fool would do something like that.  Only a fool would hold Donald Trump responsible for white supremacists who endorse him.

It doesn’t matter if the 40 million or so normal men and women who support Donald Trump are trashed and insulted in the process. We don’t plan on voting for Hillary Clinton, ergo we can be trashed, destroyed, bullied, insulted, and treated like dirt. I suspect Barack Obama has conveniently managed to forget he is the President of (we the little people) of the United States of America.  While we are absolutely nothing to him, we are just as important and viable to the United States as those people who are supporting Hillary Clinton.