Hillary, Performance Art, and Satanism


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmPerformance art is performance art.  It is designed to be edgy, outrageous, and bazaar, primarily because the so-called performance artist is not actually an artist, but most of the time someone with mediocre talent who wants to be a real artist and can’t do it.  There is nothing there.  A good performance artist is also a con artist.  They must somehow manage to convince the ‘in-crowd’ that their art is so important that it is all the rage to experience.  The best way to describe or explain the average, high-society, all-the-rage performance artist, who has managed to con and swindle their way into the shallow minds of the elite is to tell someone to Google the old tale The Emperor’s New Clothes.  That’s all performance art is – nothing.

A performance artist must create a buzz about them, and their work.  They must do something so strange and be so self-involved that the self-involved and extremely shallow but terribly important people who follow performance art will make them famous.  Marina Abramović, they say, is one of the most famous of these illuminated individuals.  The work in question was performed twenty years ago.  According to a 2004 article the WPost has since removed, John Podesta was one of the participants in her performance.

I am not providing an outright link to the videos of photos.  They sicken me.  The performance in question was derived from one created by Alister Crowley, the founder of modern Satanism.  I’m not linking.  Find it for yourself.  One of the ‘recipes’ she created, for ‘spirit cake’ was created by Crowley to be a bastardization of the Holy Eucharist.

Are you insulted and angry yet?

If Marina Abramović, who is seriously disturbed, wants to engage in such a practice, it is a free country. Her work is, in my opinion, a joke, but art is always in the eye of the beholder and the brain of the critic.  Because she is all public relations and nothing else, her work is considered terribly original and quite impressive.  Like I said, I think it is a joke, and I love art.

“…The email has caused shock within some Republican circles, with Alex Jones’s news site Infowars calling it “one of the most disturbing WikiLeaks revelations to date”, as well as stating “reports that FBI agents see Hillary Clinton as ‘the antichrist personified’ now make a lot more sense”.

On Twitter, #SpiritCooking was the top trend on Friday morning. Republican author Mark Dice tweeted: “I am now accepting apologies from everyone who said I was crazy for writing books about how the Establishment are Satanists”. While another tweet, shared over 1,000 times compared her to the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Abramović spoke about the reaction today to Artnews. “I’m outraged, because this is taken completely out of my context,” she said. “It was just a normal dinner. It was actually just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.”

She also claimed that those referring to her body of work as satanic are mistaken. “My work is really more about spirituality and not anything else,” she said. “I’ve been doing my work for so long, and this is a misunderstanding. It’s absolutely outrageous and ridiculous … I mean, this world is really turning to hell. I am completely amazed, something is taken out of context for the purpose of winning. We are living in such a strange world.”…”

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-12-49-21-amI think the work in question is repulsive. Then again, I’m just a shallow person who likes representative art, along with abstract and understands Picasso (and likes his work). One of the greatest science fiction, astronomical, and space artists, Doug Chaffee, was one of my dearest friends.  I like his work. (Morning Launch, on the left is an example)  As an aside, the moment I learned of his sudden death, I found a mirror to see how I looked.  When someone says you look like your best friend just died, well I know.

Also, for the record, my favorite classical artist is Jacques-Louis David.  In my humble opinion, I think that Michael Hurd is one of today’s best artists.  When compared to Michael and his family, the work of Marina Abramović is a total and complete joke. This is what she considers art:


That’s not art, it’s narcissism, but the elites seem to like it.  Who am I to criticize?  Just because my family shares a property line with Michael Hurd is no indication I have sophisticated taste in art.  But, that’s not the point.  She had a right to create art which mocks Christianity and the Holy Eucharist.  That’s her right.  Good think she wasn’t mocking Islam.  We Christians have learned to live with mockery and the sophisticated elites constantly letting us know how abjectly stupid and deplorable we are. You see, we are, according to the powers that be, little more than fascists and Nazis.  Why, even Barack Obama is cautioning the world against us.  We’re not good people.  We find drenching people in blood, and making a mockery of our faith to be offensive.

Marina Abramović is now furious that the stupid, idiot, unwashed masses of the right are thinking that she is a Satanist and that her work is indicative of something terribly dark and offensive.  She’s upset because simplistic, deodorant-impaired, poorly educated white men with IQ’s in single digits just don’t understand her.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.  We purchase art, for the most part, that appeals to us.  That is, normal people do just that.  Those out to impress purchase what they’re told is important, and what they should like.  But, even attending performance art is based on a level of comfort.  And – that’s what bothers me here.  I don’t like the idea of people who are now managing someone who basically has a 50-50 chance of being elected POTUS on Tuesday, attending a show like this, and purchasing a piece of art related to it.

Oh, I would not have cared, but Hillary Clinton is involved with a group of individuals who were caught trying to manipulate the Catholic faith in this country, to push it to become liberal, in order to promote legalized abortion.  I don’t like the fact that she and her sophisticated friends like Podesta have a tendency to make a mockery out of  Christianity and Christians.

The left should understand that our offense over the work of Marina Abramović is based on the fact that we have a simplistic faith and don’t like seeing it mocked.  We were taught right from wrong as children.  There is a basic and instinctual revulsion at anything that resembles Satanism.  We’re not very tolerant of it, then again, they aren’t tolerant of us.

It’s a Christian thing.  We Christians have values.  We believe in what is good, light, pure, decent, and holy.  When something is dark and drenched with blood, it reeks of everything we’ve been taught to find reprehensible. That was the point of  Abramović’s work.  It was also about insulting us, and getting away with it.  She can if she wants, but she managed to get caught in this nasty election cycle.  In our faith, anything remotely resembling Satanism is pure evil.  It is the worship of the one cast out from Heaven.  It is about turning your back on the Holy Trinity, and associating with that which we have been taught is horrific.  Please, pardon us.  We’re just primitive, uneducated and unsophisticated dimwits who don’t know any better.

As far as art is concerned, it tells you something about the beholder.  I don’t know about you, but what I saw in John Podesta is just plain disturbing and creepy.  I think anyone who embraces something like this is just that.  They are also shallow, superficial, and like the emperor with new clothes, they are basically naked – on the inside where it counts.  Then again, who am I to criticize.  I’m just a fool who happens to believe in Christ.

Philippians 4:8

Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

As far as Hillary Clinton is concerned, no, I don’t think she’s involved in Satanism.  I don’t think they would have her.  As far as being a Christian, she claims to be religions and a Methodist.  She also says that salvation is a combination of faith and works, which it is not.  That’s her problem, not mine.  I happen to believe John 3:16.