Lament for a Lost Nation


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-28-03-pmRemember this date, November 6, 2016. Our country was destroyed today. There is no honor, decency, freedom or goodness. It’s all over. We have become a third world two bit dictatorship with no hope for the future.

Cry for this county.

I have never, until now, been ashamed of this country. I am today. There is no justice not for little people. If you are wealthy and important you can lie, cheat, and steal and get away with it. It’s over.

I am in tears.

Our country is corrupt.

There is no hope for it or for the future.

It’s over.

If you are rich and famous you can get away with anything and people will cheer and vote for you. I lost all respect for my country today.

I am ashamed to be an American. The Clinton machine has destroyed it. Every thing we once were is gone. We have been ruined. Our lives will never be the same. Thanks to the way things are today, I would not be surprised to see tribunals to start cleansing society of those of us who have spoken out against the Clinton machine.

I no longer have any hope for the future. Our country was built on the rule of law that goes back to the British Constitution and the Great Charter. No man is above the law. That still holds true in the UK but here in the US that is no longer true.

Today the FBI destroyed a system of justice that had been in place since 1215. God help us all. Hillary Clinton and her ilk are above the law.  It isn’t just that, but the cultural aspect of her candidacy.  Suddenly, there is nothing wrong with profanity I refuse to be used around me.  Terms and images about the sexual brutalization of women are acceptable within the context of her A-list supporters.  She has no problem allowing a person who advocates for Sharia law to be a spoke’s person.  A woman who allegedly was caught in a plot to murder a judge is also a valued spoke’s person.  I don’t understand her values.

I don’t understand Democrat values.  Maybe my problem is I’m an ignorant Christian who has yet to reject such antiquated values as honor, decency, kindness, faith, and honesty.  I realize that they are not popular with social warriors, but I reject social warriors and so-called social activists.  The only thing they do is advocate for those who wish to destroy the fabric of our nation.

This election has made me far more conservative.  I’ve come to realize we need strict voter ID laws.  Rules need to be enforced, and people arrested for violating those rules.  I’ve also realized that the Obama Administration has loosened the rules and requirements for American citizenship to the point where they are allowing people who would never even be allowed to visit the country, to become citizens. They only way they are doing this is for a tipping point in voting.

Our country has been destroyed.  It will never be the same.  We are dealing with an Administration and a candidate who will do anything to win.  I no longer have any respect for Democrats.  Forget me ever voting or supporting one again.  I can’t.  They violate my values.

In a way, it doesn’t make a bit of difference.  Our country has been destroyed.  It will never be the same.  We have Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to think for that.  At least, if Hillary wins, she’s going to get us into a nuclear war with Russia.  It will all be over, fairly quickly.  If we do survive, don’t worry about those pesky little things in the Bill of Rights.  They won’t exist.

I truly pity those who aren’t Christians.  At least we will have our faith.  They can’t take that away from us.  Hillary’s refugees can slaughter us for our faith, but they can’t destroy it.  They can kill us, and I suspect that more than a few of us will be slaughtered for our faith, thanks to the Democrats.  But, they can’t kill our faith.

We no longer have our country, but we still have Christ.  They can try and take our faith, but they can only try. I never thought I would ever be writing these words, not for this nation, but I don’t see how we can survive.  Not any more, not with what happened on Sunday.