Eternal Damnation by Racism


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMRacism is a terrible thing.  Literally, in its most extreme example, it kills.  It destroys.  It ruins lives.  There are certain charges which should not be made lightly, and racism is one of them. Just the accusation, today, in our hyper politically correct society, is enough to destroy a person.  Unfortunately, that is how it is used. If liberals were serious about racism, they would not give their own a pass. But they do.  The late West Virginia Senator, Harry Byrd was a grand dragon in the KKK.  That alone should, if one plays by the rules, have been enough to destroy him, his reputation, and his legacy.  Instead, he is ‘beloved’.  South Carolina Senator, Strom Thurmond once ran for president on the Dixiecrat ticket.  That was enough to damn him for all of eternity. Of course, Thurmond saw the light, repented, and became the first person on the Hill to hire African American aides and staffers.  The real problem though was the fact that Thurmond became a Republican.  He may have been a dirty old man, quick to cop a feel (trust me, I know), but he was far from a racist.  Harry Byrd, though, spewed racism and hatred of people of color his entire life.  But, he was a Democrat.

Liberals don’t believe in forgiveness.  Oh, there is a very simple reason, one which I swear reflects their outlook in life – and that is Christian forgiveness isn’t possible, unless you are some dark, hideous, loathsome  creature who is basically a psychopath.  They can be forgiven.  So can Islamic terrorists.  But – let a Republican or Conservative say anything which doesn’t fit their increasingly strange world view and they destroy.  They will destroy anyone who doesn’t think the way they do.  There is no thought of redemption. Once branded a racist, bigot, Christian, or pro-life, and the bad person is a Republican, well, they will be damned for the remainder of eternity.

It wasn’t always this way.  The damnation as racist began the same day of the Charleston shootings.  I was watching the news.  At first the White House did a generic condemnation of the event.  Then, about an hour or so after the shooting, someone out of the White House began damning anyone who was male, white, and Southern as racist, a bigot, and not worthy of any sort of respect.  It was rather obvious that the decision had been made to manipulate racism as an election issue.

Listening to the hatred being spewed against anyone from South Carolina who was conservative, white, a Christian, and a gun-owner, it became obvious Democrats had decided to manipulate a vile tragedy into a narrative about racism, the way they had been doing with various police shootings.  Until that moment, the Democrats were starting to see their much cultivated and most prized minority starting to ask questions, and start looking for greener pastures. Let’s be brutally honest here.  From the top on down, within Democratic ranks, the decision was obviously made to turn tragedy into political gain. The best way to do that was to create an entirely new bout of racism, something so evil, anyone who was white, Southern, male, Christian, and owned a gun was to be destroyed.  It didn’t matter if they were racist.  It did not matter if they were the finest people in the world.  All that mattered was trying to manipulate a disillusioned voting block from turning their backs of Democrats.

Never mind explaining that every single person on the planet is biased.  We are all bigoted against something.  Every single person has moments of absurd racism.  It is part of life.  I have a heck of a lot more respect for someone who had no problem admitting their bias, their moments of bigotry, and strives to over-come them than I do some snotty little snowflake who spews obscenities damning anyone who dares look different, be a different race from them, as racist, and worthy of being ruined.

Racism is not just limited to someone who is white.  The nastiest racists I’ve seen, recently, are the little snowflakes of Black Lives Matter.  Just for stating the obvious, I’m going to be damned as a racist.  You know, I don’t care.  I’m not, but that doesn’t make any difference.  I’m a white, Christian, Republican, ergo, I’m a racist.  Nothing else matters. I am opposed to their political position.  I voted for Donald Trump.  I will admit to listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  I watch FOX News because I can no longer stomach CNN.  This all makes me an evil person.  It damns me as a racist.  It makes me evil, vile, horrible, along with poorly educated.

The racism canard has reached the point where even Alan Dershowitz is now speaking out against it. “Not legitimate to call someone anti-Semite because of policy differences” but the left is doing it, anyway.  They just know they can destroy the reputation of someone, simply by damning them as a racist.

The man or woman who is biased, who has moments of bigotry, and has recognized their own personal racism, and over-come it, the way Strom Thurmond did should be praised for over-coming their personal faults, not eternally dammed because he was a Republican.  Yet, someone like Robert Byrd, who never ceased using the “n-word” is honored.  Of course he is, he was a Democrat.

Steve Bannon is the latest target.  No matter how many people have come out saying he is not a racist, the Democrats have decided he must be destroyed.  Ergo they will.  They do this every time there is a new POTUS.  One of the most racist articles I’ve ever had the misfortune to read is by Jamelle Bouie, at Slate.  And, no, I’m not linking.  Trump voters are evil and are little more than a lynch mob.  This how the far left now works.  You damn anyone as a racist, in order to destroy them.  Make no mistake, only the racist label is different.  If Bannon were not a ‘racist’ Dems would come up with another way to destroy them.  They go for the jugular, opting to destroy a person who might be the most effective in holding a new GOP administration together. Bouie is useful though.  He proves how vicious, racist, and nasty liberals truly can be.

I don’t know how we get around this in our national life.  One of the things that truly bothers me is the fact that Democrats have turned the charge of racism into a modern day political witch hunt. Instances of truly  horrible attacks, today, quite often, are self-inflicted, to generate racial hate or attempt to destroy someone who is at odds over political opinion.  Once the charges have been proven false, try getting the mainstream media to make corrections.  The Democrats, under the auspices of George Soros and other high profile donors, have perfected the art of the dirty trick.  The real problem is they are going to turn racism into the Big Bad Wolf.  When something truly nasty occurs, there will have been so darn many instances of false accusations, in order to destroy political opponents, that no one is going to pay attention.  When this finally  happens, Democrats have only themselves to blame.

To you want to know why Hillary Clinton lost?  Go look at CNN, or people like Jamelle Bouie.  They may fool some of the people some of the time, but only those who admit that there are other versions of the story. I gather just the process of writing these words makes me a racist.  You know something, I no longer give a damn. I know who I am. I don’t give a rip if a Democrat does.  What I do find ironic is the one person I know who admits to being a racist, and a bigot, not really liking people of color self-describes as a Yellow Dog Democrat!

Go figure.