Dear Little Snowflakes (or) Lord of the Flies Generation


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmSnowflakes are now walking out of classes, demanding their ‘private’ universities become sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. A few days earlier, they were allowed to get away with walking out of class to protest the election of Donald Trump.

It makes a person wonder are they protesting to protest, or doing the time-honored anything-to-get-out-of-class?  We also need to realize that snowflakes in college can cut class. Or, at least people could once cut class.  I did it all the time.  If that’s the point, cool.  Cut away, as long as you can make the grades, or do they just get little gold stars?

Do little snowflakes realize that universities cannot be sanctuaries for illegal immigrants?  Do they realize that elections have consequences and, as grown-ups they don’t get trophies just for participating?  Seriously, what are they going to do when required to face the real world?

What is going to happen to these children when they are required to get a job, face trauma and deal with real rules and regulations?  How do they survive?  Let’s face it, today’s educational system, and helicopter parenting has created a generation of truly incompetent individuals who are not only incapable of complex thought patterns and reason, they don’t know about critical thinking.  They are so trained to believe what teacher tells them, they are totally brainwashed and easily to control.  What’s worse is they are incapable of comprehending that other people have viable ideas and opinions which are different from theirs.

How do they survive?

Or do they?

The liberal education system has created this mess.  Are educators who enable them as stupidly brainwashed as are they, or are they the over-lords?  How do you deal with millions of adult children who are narcissistic, spoiled, and incapable of acting as individuals.  They are rude.  They spew profanities.  They no longer have manners.  The world must revolve around them, and their ideas. What we are experiencing is a generation that has been so coddled they actually do not comprehend that people aren’t going to do what they are told to do, and aren’t going to behave like little snowflakes who need safe spaces.

I don’ think they can be helped.  I think this nation is going to be dealing with the repercussions of an entire generation of people who are so immature and so incapable of empathy, or putting the needs of others ahead of their own, that they are going to be a problem for this country.  Liberals created the problem, an entire generation of easily controlled cattle incapable of adult behavior.

This is not going to be pretty.  Woe to anyone who crosses them.  With luck, the only repercussions are being deluged with obscenities and filth spewing from their protected little mouths.  Having never been taught that other individuals are as viable as are they, they don’t hesitate to trash, or resort to violence.  The real problem here is they should be called the Lord of the Flies Generation.