Tired of the Harassment, Lies, Attacks


screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-12-49-21-amI was going to rant and rail about a truly nasty troll attack on Thursday evening.  Then, I was hit with some of the filthiest and most vile language ever hurled at me.  I don’t use that kind of language on my blog, so forget that.  I cannot imagine the language that was used.  It made the Billy Bush tape look like baby talk.  It was absolute filth.


I Tweeted something about the Soyuz launch.  This jerk decided there was no such thing and began attacking.  I thought he was joking and Tweeted back, telling him even if it was a joke, it wasn’t funny.  Seriously, I’ve never had anyone use the language used, and the combinations of it.  I’ve never heard those combinations.  It was intentional.

We’ve known, for ages, that women who have the misfortune of mentioning the sciences, or gaming, or things that are part of a man’s world can be treated like dirt.  I just never expected it from a completely innocuous little retweet about space.  The attack that followed was strange.  I’ve had death threats.  I’ve been harassed.  I’ve been threatened.  But, this was different.

It was vicious, and pointless, designed to intimidate.  It was also by some pathetic little person who had less than 150 followers.  In other words, he was trolling.  I don’t know about you, but I am so sick and tired of trolling and of trolls.  They are becoming a plague.  The real problem is something truly nasty is going on in the world, with people feeling they are entitled to do and say what they want.  They have no civility and obviously no longer think that the rules of a civilized society apply to them.  They don’t care about lying.  There is no prohibition on ruining a person’s reputation.  It is like we are dealing with social anarchy.

When does civilized behavior kick in, or does it?