Is It Racism or Bad Manners?


screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-12-25-19-amVery early Friday morning I had an interesting Twitter conversation.  We started out butting heads, then began an excellent conversation about race and racism.  Is our society going backwards when it comes to race relations or are most elements of our society now so lacking in manners and civility and so empowered to be narcissists that they don’t care who and what they hurt?

Our society, this day and age is loud, obnoxious, and out of control.  Manners are a thing of the past. Everyone feels empowered to say what they think, no matter how annoying and disgusting it is. They don’t give a rip about how others feel.  All they care about is expressing themselves.  Or – as my Grandfather Reidhead was want to say “Have your own lousy way and let everyone hate you.”

When did diplomacy become something for the other guy, the other country to exercise? What happened to empower perfectly acceptably good men and women of all races and creeds to suddenly believe their opinions were more important than those of anyone else?

Just scanning news feeds is depressing.  Dems have completely given in to the dark side of the political force. If various Republicans would just keep their big fat mouths shut, and behave, we could make their pronouncements of racism and hate be nothing but mendacity.  But, the  behavior of just a few people make things much worse.

There is no longer any such thing as civility or manners.  Once upon a time, a lady did not express true emotions in public.  Neither did a gentleman.  They had been taught to control themselves and behave and not make others uncomfortable with any sort of outburst.  If you read Laura Ingalls Wilder as a child, there was a thread of this civility running through her books.  Our nation would be so much better off if we could do this today, but that just isn’t possible.  People must be allowed to vent and to express themselves.  While expressing themselves, they are destroying the very fabric of our land.

Any Trekkie knows one of the reasons Mr. Spock had problems with his Vulcan and human lineage is the fact that eons previous, Vulcans were highly emotional, violent people.  They began destroying their society to the point where they were required to adapt – to shed all vestiges of emotion, and behave in a logical manner. If people in this country don’t get a grip and start behaving with some logic and realizing that people really don’t like their violent emotional outbursts, maybe we might be able to survive.

I’m tire of it.  There is absolutely  nothing wrong with viable and lively political discourse.  What is happening in this country has become dark, violent, and threatening.  Both sides are equally to blame. It is time for grownups to take over, and make the spoiled little brats either behave or shut up – or else!

If people had good manners, 90% of what is currently considered racism would probably disappear.  Good manners and public decency would not allow it.  If we lived by the Golden Rule, treating others as we wish to be treated, we would not be having problems with modern day racism. When you have a culture which is completely given over to narcissism, well, racism is just the tip of the disgusting behavior iceberg.