For the Sake of the Kid


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmThe liberal world is exploding because our new First Lady (elect) does not want to uproot her 10-year-old son and move him to DC and a new school.  Comments on various sites are mixed, but very critical of the Trumps.  They are disrupting the city.  They are going to cost taxpayers money for them having a residence in the city.  I gather they should be moving out of Trump Tower and buy a house outside the city?  Where, pray tell?  Then, what about security on an estate?

Has it dawned on anyone that the permanent dwelling of any POTUS, no matter where it is, will be under extreme Secret Service protection even if the POTUS or his family is on the other side of the planet? It isn’t going to make much difference if a family member is residing there or not.

When did it become perverted for a mother to want to care for her child? There are plenty of parents who live this way, one of them choosing to reside in a different location, for the sake of the kids. Don’t these parents deserve the same consideration. We’re talking about a little kid here. Sure, he’s tall, extremely tall, for his age, but he’s just ten years old. That’s fourth grade. Boys in the fourth grade are terribly sensitive, far more so than girls. The child has a school where he is happy. If he weren’t, I doubt if it would even be a consideration.

If I were in the position of the Trump family, I would probably be doing the same thing. Something has happened to the fabric of this nation. We now live in a world where educators, especially liberal ones, are forcing their beliefs and opinions on their students. The private schools in DC are inhabited by liberals. I suspect that a President Trump’s child would be treated like dirt, no only by his peers, but the teachers, just to prove a point.

Online conversation is that the Obama girls were moved to DC.  Sorry, but they were ALREADY living in DC and going to school there.  Barack Obama was a US Senator when he ran for office.  The family had a DC residence, or don’t people understand that sort of thing.  The girls were seven and ten at the time.  Plus, one of the reasons they are remaining in DC is for the youngest girl to finish high school with her friends. This is no different from a ten year old little boy wanting to remain with his friends.

It is quite remarkable how the liberal world is handling this.  If one has the misfortune to read comments, they are disgusting.   Democrats are not treated this way.  It just displays the rank hypocrisy that is destroying the very fabric of our country.  When the families of politicians are constantly under attack for no other reason than being families, good people who might have run for office are driven away from doing so.  Who needs the grief, right?

The First Lady needs to live in the White House.  She needs a cause, evidently because the implication is she’s an empty headed bimbo who must prove her worth. Hillary Clinton was such a great example, even stealing the furniture when Bill left office.  Then, while I think Michelle Obama is iconic, she completely screwed up school lunches.  Is wanting to helicopter one’s ten year old such a sin?