We’re All Racists, Now…. Unless


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmOn Wednesday evening, CNN accused soon to be former South Carolina Governor and UN Ambassador Designate Nikki Haley of being a racist.  When one considers her behavior and actions following that horrific shooting in Charleston, anyone who calls her a racist is either a fool, political hack, or someone with a complete break with reality.

The day started with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders being called a racist.  At the same time, one of his top advisers stated that the Democratic Party did not need a white person running it.  We all know that President Elect Donald Trump is considered a racist as is VP Elect Mike Pence.  Heck, I’m a racist, you’re a racist, everyone’s a racist – unless you voted for Hillary Clinton.

Don’t worry.  Those who aren’t racists are saved!  George Soros is donating $10 million for yet another witch hunt.  This time those on the approved list can search out we horrible racists and well, do something about it.  You can’t do much for ten million bucks these days, but it will pay for a heck of a lot of trolling on Twitter and Facebook.  It will pay for additional false reports of racist attacks, and will provide some spending money for those who truly aren’t racist or biased (you know, the snowflakes who didn’t bother voting) to protest that evil, racist Donald Trump, who obviously stole the election from Hillary Clinton.

It is so bad out there, Clinton supporters are demanding recounts in several states.  Let’s just be honest here.  We racists are the ones who defeated her.  After all, Donald Trump is a racist.  We voted for him, ergo we are racists.  Donald Trump is now President Elect.  Let’s just follow the bouncing Snowflake.  If Trump is a racist, and those of us who voted for him are racists, then racists are the ones who defeated Hillary Clinton. (Reality need not apply).

As I have stated, repeatedly, racism is a horrible thing.  It can kill.  It can destroy.  The problem with using the accusations to destroy people who are your opposition is wrong.  It is literally defining racism down to the point where the Democrats are like that legendary little boy who cried wolf one time to many. One of these days something truly appalling is going to happen and no one is going to care.  Of course, that, too, will be blamed on the GOP.