Empowering Muslim Women to Defeat Terror


Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.09.29 AMThere are some scholars who think that a Muslim Renaissance is now in its infancy.  If so, we need to encourage it.  We need to be careful who we engage.  We also need to be careful not to link the idea of ‘liberal’ Islam and ‘liberal’ politics.  They are different.  American liberals are so entrenched in assisting hard-line Islam that they refuse to even engage in a conversation about liberalizing the Muslim faith.  Liberalizing the Muslim faith means getting rid of head scarves, head coverings, burkas, hard-line imans who treat women like second-class citizens, and fighting for Muslim women to have the same freedom of expression within their faith as we Episcopalians do.

“…Governments of Western nations urgently need to radically reform their policy making with regard to Islamism. They need to engage with real moderates – the Liberal Islamic Reformer Movement referred to in this essay, they need to rigorously oppose political Islam, they need to reverse the entrenchment of sharia principles in Western societies, and they need to look to ijtihad as a possible way to engage with the Islamic community in order to generate meaningful community cohesion. They also need to resist the cynical efforts of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to bring down the one thing that allows proper dialogue between all people – freedom of expression…”

Part of that reform is allowing Muslim women to shed Shria compliant fashion and dress like every other woman of the modern world.  It is allowing them to be liberated, not harassed and destroyed by the men in their lives, and to live free of the fear of genital mutilation. Reform is also educating liberal Democratic women in this country who demand they wear fashion which has nothing to do with the Koran, and everything to do with oppression and a malignant patriarchal male dominated world.  The patriarchal world of the Islam embraced by liberals in this country, especially liberal women, is at odds with  the Koran.  It is about not forcing them to wear the hajib, nor demanding American women wear them to show support for a religion which damns women to second-class status, the way dingy CNN news bimbos do.

According to a friend, who is also Freudian, the Islamic world will only know peace when Muslim mothers from Arabic cultures learn to value their sons enough to beg them not to enter into jihad.  He says the mind-set is that martyrdom brings Paradise.  A good Muslim mother always chooses Paradise for her son.  There are also perversions within certain cultures.   It is tragic and sad.  The only thing that may even change things is for feminists to stand with modern liberal Muslim women and help fight for changes. Unfortunately, this violates the liberal mindset that is so politically correct it cannot comprehend they are damning the modern Muslim women to a life of almost indentured servitude.

We must stand with and support modern, liberal, Muslim women and help them battle Sharia and the damage it does to women.  According to the ancient Greek playwright, Aristophanes, the only way to stop a war, and stop men from killing one another is for the women to go on strike, as in Lysistrata.  Women are the key to peace.  If one examines the mothers of the young men in this country who have committed terror, there is a cultural disconnect, and a determination that their sons are perfect.  The men who are literally invading Europe as migrants are ignorant, culturally stupid, ill-bred, arrogant, louts who have never been taught to have manners, even within their own culture.  Only a good mother can provide this.  They need our support.  Political correctness is not the answer.  Empowering them as modern women, true feminists is the only way.