Little Too Do About Nothing


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-28-35-pmThe world is a strange place.  Watching our President-elect, I am now beginning to go back to my original theory that Barack Obama was in over his head from the beginning.  In many ways, this incredibly promising individual was doomed for failure.  His only real-life experience was as an attorney and a community organizer, then a first term Senator.  That’s well and good, but how does it help real people in real life?  The difference between Trump and Obama is staggering.  They are both good men.  They are great, loving parents.  But, it is the mind-set.

I was reading  that thanks to the new regulations placed on us by the Obama Administration, just in energy, it is costing this nation upward of a trillion dollars, or over $3000/per each person in this country.  I’m in serious trouble, losing my home, due to HOA dues, which I have not been able to pay.  The reason I’ve not been able to pay them is because of what is nearly a 50% rate increase with PNM.  The rate increases, allegedly, are to cover the new regulations opposed by the Obama Administration to handle climate change.

Wow –  Is it possible that $3000 is what has basically impoverished me?

Add to it the now astronomical cost of health care and we the little people of the middle class are losing ground, constantly.  Things I could afford five years ago, are completely out of sight.  Since Obama became POTUS, we have experienced a major degradation in status and the way we live.  I am loath to mention it, but this is the hallmark of socialism.

The little people must be destroyed, but the overlords are allowed to enrich themselves.

Maybe the long nightmare is over, I hope.  Maybe we the little people have a small opportunity to get ahead before another Dem comes in and ruins it for us, again.