Go Ahead, Burn That Flag!


screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-8-04-02-amYou want to burn a flag?  Cool. I’ll even give you matches and some lighter fluid.  I’ll record the incident, and post it on YouTube.  Then, the whole world can see what a total and complete idiot, jackass you are. Contrary to most of my fellow Republicans, I believe a person does have a First Amendment right to make a total fool out one’s self.  Or, as my grandfather Reidhead was fond of saying, “Have your own lousy way and make everyone hate you.”

When you are caught burning our flag, well, it just says something about you. It also limits future job opportunities, this sort of thing.  Currently, there are times when a George Soros based organization will pay up to eighteen bucks an hour to protest, but let’s be honest here, when you burn a flag, protest and march around like a little anarchist, you are probably living in your parent’s basemen. Once upon a time, when  Baby Boomers and Trekkies were living in our parents’ basement, playing geeky games, and tinkering with computers they knew they were the future.  You know – household names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, this sort of thing.  They may have even smoked more than a little pot, but they did finally grow up, get really, really, really good jobs, and move out of the parents’ basement.  They had not done anything to destroy their futures.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-8-06-18-amBut, dear, little flag-burner, we’re moving into a more conservative world.  Sure, it’s vogue on the coast.  If  you live in California, you can get an entry level job, but that’s about it.  It will work in Washington and Oregon, but, it’s not going to help you anywhere else.  I do think, if you get caught burning a flag, don’t plan on getting government hand-outs, and you really don’t need that college scholarship. What you do need is a good, swift, kick in the pants.

Burn, baby burn.

There’s one other thing.  We Americans are way too holier than thou when it comes to how we use and display our flag.  We could take a page from the Brits, and have fun with it.  We may hold our flag sacred, but heck, let’s be bitterly honest here, there is no way we love our flag the way the Brits do.  They wear it, they decorate with it, they adore it.  We are allowed to properly hang our flag.  We have all these rules and regulations which are even stricter than dealing with objects on a communion table.

Is it possible the reason people like burning our flag and abusing it is due to the fact that we have turned it into a graven image, an idol?  The Brits have an Oath of Allegiance to the Crown, but they don’t pledge to a thing.  We Americans pledge to a flag.  As a Christian, are we doing the right thing?  The flag, today, has been propelled into almost a symbol of idolatry.   Are we violating the Ten Commandments by just the process?  Is it possible we need to lighten up, and realize that the flag is a symbol, not an idol?

Why can’t we have fun with the flag, and show our love for it by putting in on umbrellas, shoes, handbags, and just have a blast with it.  Let’s face it, THIS, is fun!


As Americans, we certainly can’t do this:  (Follow it to the end)

If someone did this here, during a national concert, it would be a scandal.  In the UK it is cheered.  When was the last time you saw Americans doing something like this?  We don’t.

The Brits love their flag. We worship ours. Frankly, I’d rather be able to love it than worship it.  You can have fun with love, but worship is just plain wrong.  Lighten up, and learn to love the American flag.  Have fun with it.  You don’t burn what you love.