Hill & Jill’s Recount


screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-2-36-11-pmDuring one of the debates, Donald Trump did his usual, driving everyone crazy, by stating he would do what he thought best, about conceding the election, when he lost.  There was no consideration, at all, given to the possibility he would win.  Hillary Clinton, in her usual fashion, knowing she had no chance of losing, did nothing but hammer him about refusing to concede and not abiding by the will of we the little people.

Fast forward a few weeks and now we are dealing with a very sore losing candidate who still cannot accept the fact that she lost.  Neither can her supporters.  All they can talk about is the fact that Hillary received a couple million more votes than Trump.  There is a problem with that is the fact that, if you break down the election, county by county, Hillary’s popular vote lead over Trump comes from just two counties, nationally.  They are Cook County, Illinois (1,158,594) and Los Angeles County, CA (1,682,345) for a total of 2,840,939 votes.  So far, she has 2,553,991 more votes than Donald Trump.  Further, if you do a break-down of the blue counties, you will find that many of those counties are small, and her lead over Trump was quite small.

Anyone who thinks that just two counties have the right to promote their will over the remainder of the nation is either ignorant, or so biased they can’t comprehend how badly Hillary was defeated.   The numbers just aren’t there, any other way.  Those two counties have no legal nor Constitutional right to determine the fate of the rest of the country.  That is the very reason the Founders created the electoral college.  Not even King’s County in New York voted in those overwhelming numbers.

But – Jill Stein wants, is demanding a recount in three states to the point where she is now heading to Federal court to demand one in Pennsylvania.  The money behind her recount is coming from the Hillary campaign, from George Soros.  Stein is becoming more and more unreasonable, in an attempt to stall the vote count in three states, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan beyond the last moment for those numbers to go to the Electoral College.

Don’t worry, the Clinton camp has another … way to steal the election.  Her supporters are now threatening Trump electors throughout the country.  They are getting death threats.  Their families are being threatened.  It is rather interesting, and, if anything could be proven, I suspect some Democrat, taking orders from George Soros, is guilty of racketeering.  I suspect so is Soros.

So much for following the rule of law.  Just the precedent of what Stein is doing is chilling.  One single, very sore loser, being allegedly bribed by a national losing campaign, is trying to undue a legal election.  I wonder what they will try, next?