Mental Illness She Says


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmI don’t care for Facebook.  It is an unnecessary evil, populated by low information voters, who appear to get their news from FB aggregates.  Hillary voters are starting t throw around that ‘fake news’.  I’ve found several instances of it on my FB timeline by people I know.  It is chilling.  I have a friend who is a total liberal.  We’ve been arguing for months.  We understand one another.  But, some self-described ‘yellow dog’ Democrat from Texas, with a master’s degree in social work, went after me.  She asked my friend, “just who is this person”, then mentioned from the look of my profile (which has as little on it as possible, simply because I detest FB) and stated that I had a real problem.  I snarked back that her hatred of the President-elect was alarming and if she is a Christian, is damaging to her soul.  I also explained how I began praying for Obama, and quit hating him.

I have a problem.  One of my favorite ways to be nasty online is to be terribly self-depreciating when faced with individuals who have an overly bloated, narcissistic opinion of themselves.  I don’t consider a master’s in social work very high achieving, especially when confronted with someone who has been married several times, and apparently has children and grandchildren who don’t link to her FB page.  Okay, I was a total bitch. I’m so sick of lies the left is telling that I have a tendency to be merciless.  I’ve had it.  I referred to her as a low-information voter incapable of judging from fiction and reality.  This is her reply.

“…You don’t know me and you don’t know I Love this country. As far as I Know “Free Speech” is still allowed and you are certainly exercising your free speech right. As anti-Clinton supporters certainly were critical of our candidate. Fake news ruled this campaign on both sides and if you study history {which apparently you don’t as you don’t know your facts}, there have been as bitter elections before. I’m not blaming either side. I am commenting on Trump’s current actions and appointments and nepotism and personal profit from his future office. I don’t hate Trump but I do hate that he will attempt to lead this country. I don’t even hate you. I feel sorry for you because you clearly have anger management problems, self-loathing and lability ( emotional instability; rapidly changing emotions)which I am qualified to diagnose. Talk to your friend _____ and please get some help…………I fear for your welfare…”

When you consider how the left is attempting to inflict the New McCarthyism on us, her diagnosis is chilling.  Yes, I will admit to being a total and complete bitch.  I was having that kind of day.  I wanted to be a bitch.  But, that’s not the point.  Liberals are starting to use politics to go after us, to attempt to curtail free speech.  Even the CEO of Time-Warner admits it.

One of the tactics the old Soviet Union used was to state that political opposition was mentally ill then lock them in some gosh horrific institution, and throw away the key.  That’s basically what this good Hillary Clinton voter was suggesting be done with me.  Unfortunately, it’s not funny.  That’s how these people see anyone who disagrees with them.


The woman was serious.