Gotta Love That Fake News


screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-8-50-30-pmLet’s be honest here.  The people who fall for fake news are low information individuals, and Democrats.  I don’t mind admitting, no one likes a conspiracy theory more than I do, but when the outgoing POTUS decides to have a major federal investigation of a conspiracy, well, Houston, we have a problem.

Fake news is rather fascinating.  It all depends on how you look at it. It is agenda driven, often hacked, and, at times, highly creative.  Once upon a time, as with anything we were taught buyer beware.  Today, though, we live in a world where anyone educated after 1990 was probably not taught to think for themselves.  Thanks to Common Core, they only know how to spew out what was programmed in, for tests.

There are massive educational gaps in American History, or any history for that matter.  The same is true for government, civics, the arts, literature, and humanities. Did you know the career of choice for a terrorist is engineering.  Historians are rarely terrorists, but maybe that’s fake news.

The problem with proclaiming something fake news is that the source is automatically discredited.  This holds true, especially, with something like Wiki-Leaks.  If the news is declared false, then a vast majority of low information voters will not even bother with it.  What is even more chilling is if the politician is connected to the right social media and internet giants, the information can even be deleted or buried.

There are certain news and information sources low information people seem to take at face value.  If say, a CBS makes a declaration about something, no matter how false it is, the low information consumer accepts it. Then, in order to satisfy themselves, that they have checked sources, they go to ‘trusted’ sources, many of which are part of the same incestuous family.  The average consumer refuses to go out of their comfort zone.  Primarily, I suspect, because they don’t want to be required to change their preciously held prejudices.

The Democrats, still smarting from a loss they should have seen coming, now want to crack down on fake news sites, basically banning them.  This is a chilling development, suggesting not only a new McCarthyism, but a curtailing of the First Amendment. Or – you and I have every right to state what we want.  It is up to the consumer of that information to ascertain if it is true of false.  We have that First Amendment right to say what we want.  If it is false, or slanderous, the market place will – usually – take care of the problem.

You see, it is perfectly legal to shout fire in a crowded fire, according to the Supreme Court.  Too bad the deal little snowflakes who are tools of the left don’t comprehend those things.  Then, again, too bad they don’t know how to think for themselves.