The Emotional Blackmail of Charitable Bullies


screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-6-14-48-pmIt appears as though Sam Venable is as close to a real Santa as there is.  The engineer, has spent six years being the local Santa, doing whatever he could to help kids.  When a nurse called, to tell him that a five year old little boy was dying, and he wanted to see Santa, the man rushed to the hospital.  The child died in his arms.  It has nearly destroyed the poor man, who had devoted his life to children and playing Santa, to the point where he doesn’t know if he can ever do it, again.  What was done to him was well-intentioned evil.  It was emotional blackmail, designed not to make the dying kid feel better, but the adults around him think they had done all they could.   The nurse who called the man should be castigated for destroying him.

There is nothing wrong with helping little kids.  There is something horribly wrong with the whole wish granting scam for dying or allegedly dying children and their stage parents.  Let one celeb refuse to do something, like Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, and they are destroyed.   She was treated like dirt. All of her charitable activity was not enough to make up for one nasty mother’s smear.

People today are expected to be charitable.  Celebs MUST be involved in a charity, period.  It doesn’t matter if they want to do so, or not.  It is a requirement.  It is emotional and social blackmail.  Not only are people expected to give up a goodly portion of what they own for taxes, they now must give even more of their time and money, in order to appease the charity bullies. If forced into action, it is not charity. It is PR.

Another thing about granting wishes for sick kids is the fact that their siblings are completely  ignored.  Why bother?  They’re being ignored, as it is, by their family, who is caring for their terribly ill sibling.  Now, that make a wish foundation thingie steps in and makes this huge deal about granting a wish for their sick sibling who, by this time, is probably a total monster.  The sibling who isn’t ill is pushed into a corner, completely forgotten.  If anyone deserves a wish – they do.

As for Sam Venable, what was done to him was basically evil. He is basically suffering from PTSD because a parent, grasping at straws, was blinded by the moment.  That is understandable.  What isn’t, though, is knowing their child had moments to live and turning it into a circus.  There are two victims here.   The first is Sam Venable.  The second is free will.