The Great Russian Witch Hunt


screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-41-53-pmWitch hunts are an excuse for those in power, or who wish to be in power to destroy or ruin parties who will supersede their authority, or it is about a land grab.  The most infamous recent version was the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.  When you get down to the reason for the internment, it was not about security.  It was about various greedy sectors of society coming up with a way to literally cheat good men and women out of incredibly valuable farm land in both California and Hawaii. The same thing held true in Colonial Massachusetts. While the powers that be manipulated hysteria, the local authorities were able to confiscate lands and properties belonging to the accused.  One of my (maybe) ancestors, Susanna North Martin had inherited very valuable farmland from her late husband.  She was accused of witchcraft and executed before he eldest son could save her.  He did, though, manage to save the family farm.  (FYI:  Working on my Martin line is a pain.)

The  Knights Templar amassed a legendary fortune.  King Phillip  IV of France wanted their fortune.  In 1307, he used the lovely cause of witchcraft, Satanism, and so forth and so on to hunt down the vast majority of the order and basically butcher them.  A few escaped, allegedly to Scotland, with their fast fortune, which allegedly found its way to Minnesota?

It wasn’t only humans who suffered from various witch hunts.  Even animals did, as  in France during the Great Cat Massacre of 1730.  The persecution of anything as seen to be a hindrance to success or the status quo can be found through history, from the persecutions of Christians to McCarthyism.  Only the the names and issues have changed. It is all about power.  Those in power manipulate those who aren’t, into hysteria, in order to accomplish their goals.

We are in the process of seeing this play out in front of us – today.  The status quo, represented by the Democrats, have been politically decimated.  The only way they can now even consider hanging on to power is to create this bogeyman out of Russia.  Follow the money, please.  We’re back down to the old military industrial complex.  George Soros wants war with Russia.  He controls the Democrats.  They want a shooting war with Russia, to the point where the Obama Administration has pushed us closer to a nuclear shooting war than ever.  The very election of Donald Trump has started to normalize relations.  But – there are trillions to be made if we have a war.  Ergo – we must have a war.

Anyone who even dares to attempt to mention that normalizing relations with Russia is a good thing, is to be marginalized.  Evidently war is a good thing.  Liberals, who want all guns banned, are even calling for a shooting war with Russia, over alleged hacking of the election, which did not happen.  It is a witch hunt.  It is about destroying so those in power can maintain that power.  If a couple billion people get slaughtered in the process, well, that’s good for the planet, right?

Logic stipulates that anyone who has a working relationship with Russia is a good thing.  Once upon a time, during the Cold War, such relationships were prized.  The object was to create a viable conversation to prevent war.  When did it become wrong not to want to go to war?