Narcissistic Celeb Politics


screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-10-40-amThe latest salvo to deny Donald Trump his rightfully earned electoral victory is being fired by the usual celeb sources.  There are several things that are same old, same old.  For some reason liberal celebs think they have this almost magical touch when it comes to politics.  They know so darn much more than we the little people.

Martin Sheen, Richard Schiff,  Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong, Noah Wyle, Freda Payne, Bob Odenkirk, J. Smith Cameron, Michael Urie, Moby, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Christine Lahti, Steven Pasquale, Dominic Fumusa and Emily Tyra are just better than we are.  They just know how incompetent and what an affront to our Founding Fathers Donald Trump would be.

The left is out of its mind.  They spent so much time lying about our PEOTUS that they believe their own lies.  It is abjectly impossible to them, that anyone in their right mind would vote for Trump, ergo, his election must be invalid.  Only ill educated racists voted for him.  Even after six weeks, they cannot grasp their anointed one lost.

Now, they think they are important enough to tell electors how to vote.  Celebs love Democrats.  It is a completely symbiotic relationship, totally based on mutually assured narcissism.  Equally strange is the fact that liberals think we the little people are actually interested in what they have to say, as if they are more important than anyone else.

Democrats love celebs.  When one considers how Hillary Clinton campaigned, it was quite obvious her celeb friends and supporters were far more important that the little people.  These same narcissistic D-Listers now think they know more than we the little people.  Do thy think they are THAT important – that they can get Josie Blow of Iowa to change her vote for Clinton?

I don’t think so.

Then again, the left is increasingly delusional these days.