Hillary’s Tangled Web


screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-10-40-amRussia hacked Hillary & caused her to lose the election.  It is a lousy excuse for a historically lousy campaign. But, now her big time donors, who poured more than a billion bucks into a losing campaign, are starting to ask questions.

Apparently unable to face stark realities and admit that she screwed up, she is now blaming the Russians and the FBI.  It is easier to make Russia the enemy than to take responsibility for her own incompetence.

Russia must be blamed.  If not, her legacy will be tarnished.  There are rumors that she is thinking about 2020.  If so, she must figure out a way to con keep her big buck donors. Not only that, she needs to come up with an excuse to keep the money flowing into the Clinton Foundation.

The cash still needs to flow.  If Russia is to blame, then she did nothing wrong. Her loss isn’t her fault.  It required no introspection, just constantly undermining Trump and treating the little people like dirt.

Isn’t that what caused her problems in the first place?