screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-10-40-amIt’s a small world after all.  Walt Disney is probably rolling in his grave, right about now. I wasn’t paying too much attention it, other than disbelief, then I did a back/forth Tweet with someone I respect.  While we are of different races, we share the same faith.  That makes us siblings in Christ.  It took me a few minutes to realize my reaction to the fact that A&E, which is a joint venture between the Hearst Corporation and Disney/ABC News is different from his.

Then it hit me.

I’m a cynic who thinks groups like the KKK should be exposed like the cheap, and vile roaches they are.  I do not look at it from the point of being African American.  I can’t any more than I can look at the issue of a reality series based on four KKK families from the point of view as a man.  I’m female.  I’m white.  I don’t look at things the way a person who is African American and male would look at it.   After that realization, I find I agree with him.  They should not be airing the series.  He is planning to boycott the network.  I think that is probably a good idea.

Yet – when one considers the wild and wacky world of reality television, life in a KKK family is a logical progression of insanity.  Let’s be honest here.  There are some reality shows who feature some extremely revolting individuals, the repulsive Robertson family being among the league leaders.   I also suspect, if the truth be known, there are some people on a few of these shows who are, if possible, involved in even more revolting things that racism.

Television has a bad habit of making stars out of people, no matter how undeserving.  This is what truly bothers me.  I do think the best thing we can do is complain, and turn the channel.  I could see an episode about the KKK and a family – a single episode, but not a series where four families are the ‘stars’.  No way.  That makes them heroes to disturbed minds. They become legends in their own minds.  Granted, there are maybe 5000 members of the KKK – at most.  They are monitored by the Feds. The standard joke is for ever member of the KKK, there is a Fed, undercover, watching them.

Look at Duck Dynasty.  The truly repulsive Robertson family have become mega-stars.  Rednecks hail them.  Entire displays at Wallyworld are dedicated to them. They are worshiped as great Christian leaders.  Then there is the show about the man with all those different wives. The world is better off Finding Bigfoot!

There are bad people in this world.  They don’t need to be glorified.  An informative series, using numerous organizations would be beneficial, but it would also be a problem. I’ve been writing about this movement for nearly a decade.  There are some very bad players in it.  Why single out the KKK.  For the most part, they are poorly educated, redneck, rather bumbling white men who are holding on to some obsolete romantic notion of a world that never existed.

Unfortunately, in many ways, the KKK is not as bad as other aspects of this movement. That alone needs to be exposed, but I wonder if it will be – ever.  What is even more frightening is the fact that there are individuals who are connected to the nastiest of movements, who live out in the open, ignored by both the media and the political world, because their connections do not fit the narrative.

While the KKK is repugnant, there are other groups who have resorted to violence.  No one talks about the Sovereign Citizen movement, but they are the most violent of the lot – so far.  As for allowing the KKK exposure, I am of two minds.  I don’t think anyone should be silenced, no matter what they believe.  And no, it isn’t about the First Amendment.  It is about self-protection.  The more someone has an opportunity to shoot off their mouth and express their hate, the farther away from them I can stay.