Are Liberals As Annoying As I Think They Are?


screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-10-40-amI’m ticked with liberals.  Before three-time loser Hillary Clinton had lost for the second time, they were rough.  Now, though, they are truly annoying, disgusting, miserable, and just plain nasty.  They are also terribly superior.  They are so much better than are we, the disgusting, racist, ignorant, unwashed masses who voted for Trump.  You can literally see their contempt for us dribble from their well-educated lips, which have this nasty curl about them.

They are so superior they feel they have a right to spew their contempt on anyone they consider beneath us.  No insult is to nasty.  It doesn’t matter.  We voted for Trump.  We are obviously white supremacist males who cling to our guns and our Confederate flat.  Of course I’ve never owned a Confederate flag and never plan to do so.  I don’t have a gun.  I’m female.  I’ve never been accused of being a white supremacist – at least not until I began supporting Trump.

Funny thing, that.  What is truly beginning to fascinate me is the fact that now, because we voted for Trump, and the left has declared him the second coming of Hitler, nothing we’ve ever done matters.  It doesn’t matter how many people we’ve help.  Our various kindnesses don’t count for anything.  Neither do our accomplishments.  The fact that we are good,  honorable, and decent people is a part of our past.  We are now part of the problem, evil, to be treated with contempt and outright hatred.  Our lives, our hopes, dreams, and the sum total of who we are no longer matter.  All that counts is that we voted for Donald Trump.

Maybe, though, we’re not the problem.  Perhaps the problem is your unbridled hatred, petty disappointments, and refusal to even consider anyone but yourselves.  Oh, wait, you can consider poverty.  You can reach out to those who are in need – as long as they vote in a block, the way they have been told, and do as they are told.  Originality, common sense, and the ability to think for one’s self need not apply.

You are the master.  As a liberal you are the lords of all you survey.  You have a remarkable insight into your own importance, which is as mighty as that five hundred year oak – you know the one, which is rotting in the middle, ready to crash to the ground.  A little touch of narcissism isn’t a bad thing, but it can be a little much when it reaches unhealthy proportions, where you declare you will do everything to destroy someone – just because your will was thwarted.

The insane losers, those who cannot grasp they backed a candidate who is incapable of winning remind me of The Squire of Gothos.  At first Trelane was like some sort of a god, with the power of life and death over the crew of the Enterprise.  He toyed with them.  He tortured them.  He postured and pretended to be very important.  At the end, though, he was revealed to be a very spoiled, naughty little boy who enjoyed pulling the wings of flies. That is how the lunatic liberal fringe is acting.  Rather than admit defeat, that they were wrong, they won’t stop until they literally totally and completely destroy their opposition – and they call Republicans fascists.

They are nothing but spoiled little children who don’t quite grasp that they must learn how to work and play with others.  As grown-ups in a grown-up world, they can’t go around treating people who refuse to follow goose-stepping to the tattoo of their totalitarian fantasy world. Oh, they will try, but the next time they lose, it will be worse.  Little children who can’t stand losing, and have temper tantrums until they get their way eventually become seriously disturbed adults.  Unfortunately, we’re now dealing with those seriously disturbed adults.  They need to learn how to comprehend that the world does not revolve around them.

The most tragic part of all of this is they don’t realize they are behaving this way.