The New Hate (or) Something Else?


screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-41-53-pmThe media is full of articles and commentary about the acceptable new racism – damning white men.  During the campaign season they were fair game.  That’s politics, but something else is going on here.  My sister and I were raised to look at the quality of a person, who and what they were and not the color of their skin.  Now, though, I discover the very process of doing that – and not separating people by the color of their skin is inherently racist.  Sorry, but I don’t get it.

This is the year 2016.  We should be beyond racism.  Instead, it is worse – or is it?  Are we dealing with very real racism, or are we dealing with something manufactured for political gain?  I can understand manufacturing outrage for political gain.  It has been done throughout history.  Heck, friends, Romans and countrymen was nothing more than Willie S’s version of political rhetoric designed to inflame a crowd.  Give us Barabbas was manufactured political rhetoric designed to inflame a crowd, and destroy the most perfect person – ever. (That one backfired, big time BTW).

The problem with political rhetoric and inflaming hatred against a targeted group of people is the fact that there are very real consequences.  People die.  Hatred kills.  It destroys both the hater and the persons designated to be destroyed.

This, though, appears to be something different.  We need to hope and pray it is nothing more than manipulative politicians doing their best to  themselves into office.  We also need to hope and pray that people who are being exploited realize what it happening, before it is too late.  Liberals are setting this country up for something truly nasty.  The are starting to turn people against one another, to control entire populations for political gain.

They say people are only afraid of what they don’t understand, and of the known.  I understand what is going on, and it terrifies me.  If cooler heads don’t prevail, truly nasty, evil things could occur, and, ironically enough, it won’t be the conservatives perpetrating them.

I have a very low opinion of anyone who allows themselves to be maneuvered into duplicitous hatred of any human of a different race, creed, or gender.  We are watching the growth of an entirely new industry in this nation.  Today the middle class white male is to be denigrated, ridiculed, and turned into an object of degradation.  Currently, it is all verbal.  What happens when the line is crossed?

Is it going to become acceptable to deprive certain groups of individuals of their rights because of their skin color?  What is so interesting is you learn to hate those you have wronged.  The nastiness we see directed at middle class white males is nothing but pure dripping venom.  Liberals started it.

How far are they planning to go with it?

We are told the group who is being treated so badly is deserving of it, because of what happened it the past.  They aren’t being denigrated because of what they have done, but what others of their gender and race did, before them.  There is something terribly unfair, inherently unfair about that way of thinking.  It is also almost barbaric, primitive, and was once known as scapegoating.

Welcome to our brave new world.