Family Problems


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmI just saw the news about Debbie Reynolds.  As I write today’s post, it is hitting me hard.  We nearly lost my mother Wednesday morning.  I’m sort of a wreck.

UPDATE ON MY MOTHER: They spent the day in the ER, and are ready to head back to the house. My poor sister has spent most of the day battling Medicare trying to get a company to furnish an oxygen generator that goes up to a level 10. Evidently Medicare does oxygen on a 5 year contract, and only pays out the first 3 years. If a person is into the 4th or 4th year and needs upgrades, they’re in deep you know what. Fortunately we are past that, so it just took most of the day for Cathy to locate a machine. I gather she was required to channel my inner bitch a few times. EMS is taking our mother back to the house

Last night her oxygen levels tanked out at 40% – which is almost fatal. She was turning blue. Cathy called EMS, they gave her the hopped up oxygen & she did fine. Once she was back on her old machine, her levels dropped, dramatically. I gather Cathy had to act like I would (I do the bitch from hell quite well) in order to get her transported to the ER.

Tests showed a slight amount of fluid on the lungs, which had just developed. Her body was getting ready to shut down, due to lack of oxygen. She’s much better, no fever, no sign of cognitive impairment. She’s tired.
Rachel drove in to help Cathy. I think she’s heading back to Little Rock tonight? Laura and Meredith were in and out of the ER. Tracy was also there for her. Cathy is exhausted.

Now, we need to figure out what went wrong. Thank you for your prayers. We’ve had prayers from Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics and Episcopalians – very ecumenical. Thank you and bless you. Prayers are so very important. We can’t survive without them.