McCain Disappointed Me


screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-10-40-amIt is a convoluted story available – everywhere.  Someone gave John McCain what apparently turned out to be a very nasty, disgusting information dump about the President-Elect, alleging Russia could/would/is/was using it for blackmail purposes.  McCain turned it over to the FBI.  It also ended up on Buzzfeed, which is owned by NBC. During his Wednesday presser, the President-Elect shredded CNN and Buzzfeed.  One would expect the usual sources to react with glee, delighting in the abject content of filth.  But, to have the venerable John McCain do so is just plain disappointed, sad.

I listened to McCain answering questions for the media.  It was sad.  It was almost as though this once great man had been reduced to shilling for someone who wants Donald Trump destroyed.  If he were concerned, he could have slipped it to the FBI and not gone public.  He should have turned the source over to the FBI, but that would have gone against the agenda.

The agenda?  It is a given he despises Donald Trump.  That’s okay.  This though, I think is not about Donald Trump, but rather Russia.  John McCain, apparently become one of the great advocate for the Ukraine and for certain ‘rebels’ in Syria.  He has literally cast his political lot against Russia.  He and his associates, my friend Lindsey among them, have turned Russia into a monster, ignoring the real monsters of the ID – Ukraine and the so-called ‘rebels’ in Syria.

This is about a geo-political agenda.  It is about a geo-political agenda which is not good, not good at all.  It is an agenda which is not based on actual provable facts, but innuendo and lies.  The Ukrainians are good at it.  Their full court press of disinformation has pushed us to the brink of World War III.  John McCain has become nothing but a willing pawn.

It is also quite sad.  They’ve used and manipulated a good man, literally destroying him in front of us. It is tragic.


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