It’s the Principle of the Thing


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-01-21-pmI’ve reached the point of total disgust when it comes to anti-Trump activities and protests.  I’m tired of it, to the point where I find the protests revolting.  Fortunately, when one has been blogging as long as have I, quite a bit has been written about what I believe and what I think.  When Obama was running, in 2008, I went to the dark side.  I wrote horrible things about him.  But, when he won, and I quit pouting, and, like the grown-up that I am, I accepted his victory, I began praying fro he and his family.  The thing is, when you pray for someone, and their family, your opinion of them changes.  Mine changed to the point where I supported him and voted for him in 2012.  He was far superior to that psychopath the GOP ran.  I admired he and Michelle, as people, up until the last few weeks, when they’ve truly lost it.  It is sad to watch a good man tarnish and ruin what was left of his legacy.  The important thing here is I did not hate Obama.  I reached into myself and discovered that my allegiance to Christ was stronger than my allegiance to the GOP.

On January 20, 2009, even though I was heart-broken, my post for the day was a prayer for the newly inaugurated POTUS.  I even featured his speech several days later.  In fact, a few days later, I wrote this:

The Pink Flamingo
The Pink Flamingo

The reason for the walk down memory lane, is to prove that I did not give in to the hatred the far right was expressing against Barack Obama. I never did.  On January 22, 2009 I wrote this:

“...I don’t like mandatory “Volunteer” service.
It reeks of proscription.
For some strange reason Barack Obama keeps calling Americans to “service”. The problem is most people I know are “serviced out” to the point where they simply cannot take on yet another project.
We give – constantly.
Maybe the problem is in Barack Obama’s limited world, people don’t help one another, giving of themselves and their personal time and finances until it hurts.
Oh, wait, Democrats just talk a big game, but don’t take part in it. We Republicans are the ones who do the service, give the big donations, and help people.
I see.
I get it.
Barack Obama wants Democrats to start acting like Republicans and give of themselves!
I really don’t know anyone who isn’t doing some sort of volunteer project. I’m perhaps the biggest slacker right now, but I’ve been there and done that to the point where it hurts. I’m taking a little time off “volunteering”.
I’m tired.
I’ve given to the point where I’ve been known to drain bank accounts, max credit cards, and send a lying little snot of a teenager off to camp with a thousand dollars worth of new clothes, shoes, luggage, and electronics. Don’t talk to me about giving of time and money.
Does Barack Obama know what it is really all about?
Does he understand what it is like to run a church office and have people coming in day after day just begging for some sort of help, and not having enough to help them at times?
Does he know what it is like to be forced to juggle expenses to get someone glasses, a hearing aide, therapy, or simply a place to stay for the night or a hot meal?
That’s what it is all about.
Giving is watching a half dozen people in your parish office cleaning out their purses and pockets, and check books (when the priest is not there to authorize money) to get a woman and her kids a motel room, food, gas, and a new tire so they can move to a new town a get away from an abusive husband and father.
Giving is helping a woman with lodging after an abusive son in law kicks her out of her own home.
Giving is working with a family put a pedophile father in prison for life.
I don’t think Barack Obama even knows what it is all about. If he did, he would not be suggesting such petty pathetic things as going green, conserving, and using the right grocery bags.
The little twits who fawn over him, who are pledging to do some sort of service, obviously don’t know what service is all about or they wouldn’t need to come up with some of their abjectly stupid ways to serve.
It is obvious the people in Barack Obama’s little world don’t help others. They are too busy demanding help for themselves and their corrupt donors and friends as they stay out of jail.
You cannot demand people go out and help “volunteer”. When you do that, you destroy the desire to do good things. Helping others without thanks, without hope of thanks, and without needing thanks. When you demand thanks you are the loser. When you show and parade what you are doing, you are doing volunteer work for yourself and not for others.
You don’t go to a silly liberal little site and come up with shallow little silly things as service. The people who do that have never been anywhere and have never helped anyone in their lives.
Someone who is truly interested in service and helping others and stirring the volunteer spirit does not spend a self-serving, pathetically shallow $151 million dollars on an extravaganza to promote one’s status in life. You spend a third of that and give the rest to charity.
Sorry, but I think any person who spends $151 171 million dollars on self-promotion, and must raise that money from the public trust and individual donors is the most vile, disgusting, pathetic excuse of a human being there is. Then, to demand people sacrifice and give of themselves and their money, while HE wallows in the adoration of his worshipping voters is beyond bazaar. It is obscene and basically criminal.
Why doesn’t Obama give $100 million of his hard earned donations to charity and really help someone?
He can’t promote the worship of himself if he does.
Lord Have Mercy on Us All!…”

The point is, I did not like the Obamas.  I refused to go over to the dark side of the political force and give in to the hate.  Oh, I wanted to do just that, but how could I call myself a Christian and be nasty?  How could I call myself a Christian and spread lies, innuendo, and nastiness?  I happen to believe that our lives are directed by Christ.  If you think anyone is going to be elected POTUS and not be there due to the Hand of God upon them, then we just don’t believe the same way.

Contrary to popular opinion, people in this nation go into our POTUS elections in a prayerful manner.  I defy anyone to tell me any differently.  The Lord is in charge of our nation.  He even allowed Bill Clinton to be elected.  God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world!  I believe this.  I believe in Christ.  I believe – plain and simple. If you are a Christian, and did not vote for PEOTUS Trump, fine.  But, to continue to protest and damn him, to want ill for him, to want to see him humiliated on January 20 has nothing to do with Christ.  It has everything to do with anger, spite, hate, fear, and loathing.  Um… those thing, those emotions are not from God.  There is nothing kind, pure, gentle, loving, and so forth and so on in them.  It is only negative energy.

In ALL things give thanks.  God allowed Trump to win.  In fact, the victory was so convoluted, so wild, maybe His Hand was in it. Have you ever thought about it?  What if Hillary Clinton was not to be POTUS?  How dare we thumb our nose at the results.  Oh, back in 1992, I said some very nasty things.  I was so nasty, my mother banned me from mentioning politics in her house until I could be civil.  When Barack Obama was elected, and my heart and soul was in getting Sarah Palin as VP, I did not curse him.  I did not curse God.  I did not damn Obama.  I behaved like an adult.  Sure, I was bitchy, but I refused to take part in any activity that would detract from him and his Inauguration.

I soon discovered the opposition to him, within the GOP was far worse than anything the Dems could create.  I broke with the GOP, and lost many friends over my refusal to support their agenda which was based on Ayn Rand, who hated anyone associated with Christ.  One of the reasons I’m thrilled about Donald Trump is the fact that Rand has all but been ejected from the GOP.  What goes around comes around, and as Christians, if we believe in the teachings of Christ, then we give unto Caesar.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a Christian. Right now, I’m disgusting with the Presiding Bishop.  I don’t care how liberal or conservative our POTUS is, you don’t put caveats on your prayers.  We are currently living in a world were nearly 100,000 Christians were slaughtered in 2016.  Their only crime was being a Christian.  I don’t seem to remember the Presiding Bishop speaking out about it.  I don’t seem to remember the Pope saying much about it.  My real disgust is against them. Maybe we should be protesting Trump less and the slaughter of the innocents more.

Oh, wait.  You say that Donald Trump is a liar.  He’s a jerk. You don’t like what you’ve been told he said and did about women, minorities, gays, and so forth and so on.  That’s fine.  I don’t care if you do or not.  I’m more worried about your irrational hatred of the man.  When you hate someone that much, it damages what you believe.  It ruins your relationship with the Lord.