Deliver Me From Protesting Feminists


screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-25-35-pmAs a woman and a Christian I find the women’s hissy fit in DC to be insulating. First, I happen to think there are far more important issues than free contraceptives so women can slut around at will. I happen to believe in morality and basic standards of behavior. If that makes me mean, out of step in the world, and backward then so be it.

While we are on the topic, I happen to think that abortion for birth control is murder. Note that I did not include rape, incest, life of mother, or certain genetic disasters.  Frankly, I don’t give a damn if you have an abortion.  That’s between you and the Lord.  I just don’t want to hear about it.  I also don’t want to pay for it. While we are on the topic, of a minor has been impregnated via rape or incest, she has a right to an abortion and has a right for that information to be withhold from her parents and or guardians if she fears for her safety.

No federal dollars should go into Planned Parenthood. If we stopped giving them money to go into duplication of services we could make women’s health care far more accessible. Currently, only a small number of women even have access to PP. It is not available in vast stretches the nation.  If you start studying a map of PP facilities, you will discover they are only in cities and college communities.  They don’t give a rip about women in fly-over country.

Women need to practice reasonable and logical behavior and learn how to avoid situations that can lead to rape. Sorry, but hanging out at a frat party, drunk is an open invitation to heartache. There are behaviors a person can avoid. As a woman who has traveled, extensively I happen to know there are things one can do to help keep yourself safe. Life is dangerous enough for women as it is without inviting additional disaster.

As a modern feminist I will do everything possible to support women who want a life free of abuse of all types. This included religion abuse where a shocking plurality of women in this world are subjected to the barbaric practices of a primitive version of a religion which has nothing to do with peace.

Women should no be required to wear head scarves, burkas, or butchered via female genital mutation. This is a practice which is growing in popularity in this nation. It is a practice liberal women constantly endorse by their thundering silence. Culture sensitivity as required by liberal feminists today had nothing to do with improving the lives of women but maintaining the status quo.

As a woman, I find being confined to a gender specific path of oppression to be insulting. Gender should have nothing to do with choices in life. I find the temper tantrum over a highly dubious losing presidential candidate who made her gender the issue to be just plain insulting to women. The only real claim to fame for Hillary Clinton and her only real qualification for office was who she married. I loath women like that. Not only are they inferior but they are an insult to those of us who believed the lie that a woman did not need to base her success in life on being a prop for a man.

I don’t have the time, effort, or money to afford the luxury of protesting. I’m too busy trying to survive in s world where Democrats have made life so expensive I am living a degraded existence. Thanks to Obama and his autocratic laws, I am now paying 60% more for electricity than when he took office. Thanks to his insane protection of a minnow which is likely extinct, food prices have exploded during his reign.  His direct actions have literally degraded the lives of many people in this nation, destroying a once strong and vibrant middle class.

We have lived through an era where pseudo intellectual liberals have become so arrogant they feel by reason of their own superior thoughts they know best. That’s nice, but in the process they fail to comprehend the vast majority of people in this nation have rejected them. With the women’s temper tantrum in DC we are witnessing the degradation of civil discourse and behavior. They don’t speak for me.

It is rather hilariously stupid that women think they are standing up for their freedom when they are being manipulated by a group of celebrities. Can’t you think for yourself? Evidently not. It is obvious that women who are supporting this movement don’t quite comprehend how to tell fiction from reality.

I don’t care about women and their so-called issues of rage and hyperbole. I like men. I would rather work in an industry full of men in a man’s world. Men are nicer than women. They are far easier to work with. Women cannot be trusted. Sorry, but it’s true. I would rather exile myself from humanity than be forced to live in a world where superfluous and petty, humorless women are in charge.  Give a woman a knife, and she will stab you in the back, then lie about you while she does it.

It is easier living in world of men. Deliver me from sisterhood. Deliver me from man bashing. I like rockets, and fast cars and space exploration. I love baseball and collecting rocks. I want science and world politics. I like hardball men’s politics. My heroes are Alpha Males like Wyatt Earp, John Glenn, Ted Williams, and George Washington. I don’t give a rip about women’s studies. I’d rather have science and Star Trek. The perfect man is a combination of James Bond, James T. Kirk, with a dash of George W. Bush and the voice of Dmitri Hvorostovsky.  Just protect me from having to put up with the mercurial insanity of the delusional mindset of sisterhood.

Reality is not sisterhood. Reality is the fact that more Christians have been slaughtered in the past few years than at any other time in history. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry did nothing to advance the cause of protecting Christians who are in danger. I’m sorry but the sight of all those so-called ‘nasty women’ make me want to puke.

I don’t do filth or vulgarity. I loath certain words and do not frequently associate with people who spew them. I find the women in charge of the slut strut on DC to be the kind of people with whom I have nothing in common. I don’t approve of children being exposed to the filth and vulgarity being displayed in DC. It is repulsive. I consider myself to be a lady with manners. I refuse to associate with people who are more comfortable in the gutter.