When Life Completely Screws You


In February of 2012, my parents took out a reverse mortgage with Sun Trust out of Mesa, AZ.  One of the stipulations is that, when they died, my sister and I had a full year to either pay off the loan or sell the house.  My mother died on January 2.  On January 23 a letter was mailed to me, demanding approximately $280K by February 23, or we must leave the house.  Also, we must pay for damages to the house, or anything that isn’t in keeping with the original status of the house.  The company in question is Champion Mortgage.  I’ve discovered they are the dirtiest of all the companies.

The bottom line is even if my sister and I are able to locate the funds needed to save the property, the legal fees will eat us alive.  They don’t like to give extensions.  I’m losing my condo to the HOA for back fees.  The bitter irony is I could have paid off the fees, and would have had a home, but I chose to move to my mother’s property.  Now, I’m totally and completely screwed.

Last Thursday, I moved 80% of my belongings down to the house.  Everything is there except me, my cloths, the two dogs, and my cats.  I’ve spent so much money, even selling my jewelry, to fix up the house – for me.  Now, it looks like I’m out at least $12,000.  That would have paid my bills.  I have no legal recourse.  I’m totally and completely screwed.  The worst part, I have less than a month to pack up my parents’ antiques.

We are trying to sell our ranch for less than what it is worth, to keep the property.  But, that can’t be done, closed, and probated by February 23.  It is impossible.  This said, the Lord is in control.  Sure, I’m annoyed, upset, and hurting, badly.  But, my life belongs to the Lord.

I’d rather be writing about other things, but forget that.  It’s okay.  I’ve not even had a melt-down, and I usually do.  I believe in a specific kind of faith where the Lord, at times, needs to slam the door in front of me in order for me to move on with my life.  It is possible this is just one of those cases.

There are always options.

I suspect you know what my day is going to be, tomorrow.  Yes, it will be spent on the phone with my attorney, the idiots from the mortgage company, banging my head against the wall, and trying to figure a way out of this mess.