I’ve Had It With Refugees & Liberals


Today was the last straw for me when I discovered that most refugees who are being settled in this country are being feted with around $2000/month to live.  We have homeless vets who live on far less.  We have widows living on half that. For the past 3 years, I’ve lived on around $6000 a year.  Why should we bring these people into this country and give them more than we the little people have to live on each month?  Are they better than we are?  Why are they so special?  Sorry, but I no longer am even going to feel guilty.  I have compassion and I care about people, but I also understand that compassion begins at home.  What good is going out and feeding the masses when we have senior citizens living on nothing and vets – heroes – living in the streets?  Something is very wrong with liberals in this nation when they are putting the needs of others ahead of we the little people.

Why are refugees more deserving that we are?  Sorry, but we are all equal.  If we are all equal, then the widow living on $900/month social security should have priority over the refugee family who is getting $2000/month.  Anyone who advocates differently should be ashamed of themselves.

We are told anyone who doesn’t put refugees first is not a Christian.  Oh?  I don’t seem to remember Christ stipulating who was to be the recipient of charity, only those in need.  Guess what?  I’ve done without for so long, I don’t know what it is not to do without.  Yes, my life is far better than 99% of the people in the world, but has anyone ever bothered asking if I needed something?  Have you ever bothered asking that guy who is sitting on the side of the road?  Why do businesses need to pledge to hire thousands of refugees over young men and women who are disparate for jobs?

Let’s try this again:

1. This is NOT a ban on immigration.  Muslims from 89% of other countries are welcome in the US with proper documentation.  Indonesia is the most populace Muslim country in they world.  They aren’t banned from the US.  India is the second most populace Muslim country in the world.  They are no banned.  Only people from a handful of countries are being vetted, very strictly.

2. It is temporary 90-120 days. No one who is in the refugee pipeline is any danger.

3. Muslims are NOT banned. People of all religions from a handful of countries have been put on hold for 90-120 days to more seriously vet them.

4. Refugees from Syria are NOT banned, but put on hold for better vetting.

5. The countries which have been put on the 90-120 day hold were first listed by Barack Obama in 2011. If you did not bitch and moan about it then, and condemn Barack Obama for being a monster then shut up about it all ready yet. If you did not complain about it, and are now complaining you are a total and complete fool.

6. Only 109 people were inconvenienced this weekend. Just 109 people. Everyone of them is now on their merry little way.

7. No one with a green card was forced to sign anything disclaiming them. That is a lie and fake news.

8. George Soros is footing the bill for the whole hysteria. More people missed flights, and went through a travel nightmare dealing with idiot protesters than were held for vetting.

9. FYI: The United States government has a RIGHT to examine who comes into the country and question them. There is nothing wrong with a little inconvenience as long as we are protecting the American people.

10. This is NOT about racism or harming refugees. To state that it is is an outright lie. If a person is an economic migrant and not in danger then they need to be kicked out of the country. Frankly, I no longer care. I did, once upon a time, but I’m so sick of putting up with all the hysteria and the LIES about this that I no longer give a damn.

11. Frankly, with the homeless vets we have in this country, anyone who advocates for refugees and allows our heroes to go cold, hungry, and without care in order to advocate for refugees needs to do a little soul searching.

12. While we are at it, Mary & Joseph were not refugees. The difference at that time, going from Judea to Egypt was like traveling from New York City to Boca in the winter. There was a very large Jewish population in the area where they moved and they were NOT refugees. It was the Roman Empire for gosh sakes. The people who were prevented from moving around the Empire were slaves and the recently conquered. Because of special circumstances involved with the Empire and Judea, people like Mary & Joseph had quite a few rights.

P. S. I lost all respect for the Pope when he betrayed a group of Christian siblings he had PROMISED to take to freedom from the refugee camps and replaced them Muslims, in order to make a political point. He lied. He betrayed them.

Maybe my problem is I’m just not a nice person – not anymore.  That little $2000/month took care of any compassion I once had.

  • Nearly 600,000 people in the US are homeless
  • Nearly 90,000 of those are chronically homeless
  • Nearly 50,000 are vets
  • Over a half million vets in the US are at risk of homelessness
  • Over a half million kids under the age of 24 have been homeless for over a week
  • At least 100,000 LGBTQ youths are homeless
  • 50% of the homeless population is over 50

Compassion or just for show?