Firing Sally Yates


‘Acting’ Attorney General Sally Yates had to go.  It doesn’t matter what the issue was, what party she is or who appointed her.  She had to go.  It was and is quite simple, and it is also a simple management and loyalty issue.  She had to go the same way Douglas MacArthur had to go.  It was a matter of respect and setting parameters.  Just who is/was the boss?  Was it Sally Yates or Donald Trump.

If she had pulled her little stunt later into his presidency, it is possible she could have survived. But, to do what she did, thumb her nose at the boss, so early in his tenure, was a fatal error.  It really doesn’t matter if Donald Trump were the chief dog catcher of Podunk, USA and Yates were the department secretary.  You refuse to do what the boss tells you to do, and you get fired.  It’s that simple.

Position doesn’t matter.  This is about a new boss and an out of control employee.  When a person steps into a new job, one needs to make sure employees do what they are told to do, hired to do.  Anything less and you fire that person.  Later into a job, career, or even an office holder’s term, you can let these things slide a little.  But, not at first.

Sally Yates had to go.  If she were the assistant manager at Wallyworld and had treated the new manager the way she did Trump, she should be fired.  If she refused to do what the new night manager at Burger King had asked, she would be written up and probably fired.