Unable to See the Evil In Your Path


One of the things a person needs to learn about manipulative and truly evil entities is that they have been known to accuse those who are the exact opposite of what they are, of the horrible things they are. Psychopaths are good at this.  As Americans, we are currently under the influence of a very truly evil man, something right out of a James Bond movie, complete with the money.

George Soros is that madman.  He controls Democrat and liberal non-profit political organizations like Media Matters, the Tides Foundation, and various pro-Immigration sources.  His philosophy is that the United States is a danger to the world, and must be put in its place.  He supports radical Islam in order to destroy the fabric of the country. He is the money behind Paul Krugman, John Podesta, and Bill Moyers.  He controls the conversation on MSNBC.  One of his proudest moments was supporting the coup in the Ukraine, where hundreds of people have died.

He had no feeling of guilt, watching his Jewish friends and relatives being hauled off to the concentration camps.

I wish this were a conspiracy, but it can be confirmed.

Friday night, on Hawaii Five-O, the episode was about the granddaughter of an Auschwitz survivor hunting the Nazi guard who destroyed her grandfather’s life through his cruelty.  I thought about today, and our politics.  Democrats and liberals are trying to paint we Republicans as fascists and Nazis.  They are becoming increasingly violent and irrational with their hate, to the point of pushing this nation to the brink of civil war.  The problem is Democrats, and good people who are liberal, and who fell for the lies, refuse to even begin to comprehend the real problem.

Thanks to George Soros’ funding, they think the woman’s march was this wholesome protest, fairly spontaneous, not realizing it was funded by 48 different Soros backed organizations.  Many of the people who attended were literally bought and paid for, by Soros.  The riots in Berkley this week were paid for by a Soros organization.  The violence at Trump rallies, blamed on Trump supporters, was carried out by people paid for by the Soros machine.

What bothers me is those who have fallen for the lies, have blinders.  They are incapable of understanding what is happening, not only to them, but the country. The situation has become so critical, Soros, who is an admitted atheist, who has no use for Christianity, is paying liberal Christian organizations to change the narrative.  Now, anyone who thinks that border control is is a good thing is no longer a Christians.  Christians are required to support open open borders and the plight of refugees, no questions asked.  Those of us who don’t are treated like dirt because we aren’t Christian enough.  Ruth and Naomi are now considered refugees.  Mary and Joseph are now considered refugees.  They were not, but that doesn’t stop the lie from taking hold and growing.  In fact, thanks to the Soros organizations, Jesus is now a non-white Palestinian refugee.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, but factual accuracy doesn’t matter.  It is fascinating that the meme that Jesus was a refugee is fairly recent.  Go back to 2010 and it does NOT exist.

Unfortunately, the only things which truly matter are the emotions of the moment.  Facts don’t matter.  The story of the Holy Family has been manipulated, over the years, to promote them as impoverished, poorly educated, itinerant, living on nothing.  Not only were they not refugees but they were middle to upper middle class, and very well educated.  That doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t work with the liberal gospel of poverty and manipulation.

I guess, as someone who tries to study sources and be honest about them, I find the new, Soros-based gospel to be reprehensible.  It disgusts me that people who have embraced the hatred of the left and pretend to be people of love and peace, are in fact, promoting an agenda of pure evil.

God help them, I hope they are just stupid and don’t realize what they’re doing.  They are accepting the lies promoted by a man who helped send people to concentration camps.  If I thought I was involved in something like this I would run from it and denounce it.  Why do you think I stayed in trouble with the GOP when it was taken over by the Tea Parties financed by the Koch Brothers?  They are evil.  You won’t see me promoting the various anti-immigration organizations either.  They are bought and paid for by John Tanton who is a very disgusting man.  I refuse to be a part of groups that promote the environment because they are also connected to Tanton.  He is connected to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was created to basically exterminate people who were not white and mentally sharp.  They have literally conducted a holocaust within the African American community.

When you align yourself with groups promoting the hatred of Donald Trump, you are literally aligning yourselves with forces which are against all that is pure and holy.  I don’t care if a person is liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat.  That’s their business.  What bothers me is being assimilated into something this is evil.  For Democrats it is the same trap as the Tea Parties were for Republicans.  There is nothing wrong with being against something.  Just make sure you are not being blinded by lies associated with hate and political manipulation.  I watched many good Republicans be destroyed by the Kochs and the Tea Parties.  I’m now watching good liberals and Democrats being destroyed by the Soros machine.

It’s really no different. Only the megalomaniac psychopaths have changed.