Immigration Lies


Contrary to popular liberal and fake social justice Christianity, migration and immigration to the United States is not a right.  It is a process which is difficult and must be earned.  A person has no legal right to push ahead of someone and say, “I’m here,” then demand they be treated better than everyone else.  It doesn’t work that way – at least it never has.  Contrary to popular opinion, it never will, no matter how hard they try.

Immigration is not a right.  Nowhere in the world does a person have the ability to say that they want to move somewhere, and have that nation open its arms for them.  If they think it works that they, they are lying to themselves and to others.  Even before we became a nation, people did not just get off the boat and announce their presence.  Different colonies had different admission requirements.

When a ship made port, very rarely did it not list its cargo and crew, as well as passengers.  As a family historian, I know very aware that these passenger manifests still exist.  They have existed from the Mayflower along with the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery.  We know who was on these ships.  We know who was on ships who landed in St. Augustine, New Orleans, Galveston, LA, San Francisco and so forth and so on. For the most part, the original manifests and passenger lists still exist.  Almost all are online.

It is an outright lie to say that everyone who arrived, during the colonial years, was allowed to stay.  It didn’t work that way.  The left wants you to think it did, but it didn’t.  Then when the US became a country, and immigration rules were created, along with rules for citizenship, people just could not arrive in the US and announce they were going to become citizens.  My great-great-great grandfather Froehlich was required to fight for the Union in order to become a citizen.

Contrary to popular lies, today, immigrants were not all that wanted.  People from the orient were treated like dirt.  There was quite a bit of discrimination against Hispanics from Mexico, even Texas. Back in Boston, the Irish were treated worse than dirt. Each subsequent wave of immigration was required to prove itself, to prove they belonged here, as Americans before they were accepted.

People who came during the later part of the Nineteenth Century, especially from central Europe, and settled in cities like Chicago were treated like they were sub human.  When they arrived in New York, the first thing that happened was they were stripped and bathed.  We’re talking about people who had only one bath in their life – when they were born.  They were filthy, nasty, full of lice and disease.  Their children, in schools, were given soap and taught how to use it.  The difference between the waves of immigration in the past and those today is that the people who were coming to American wanted to be Americans.  Today’s version of the unwashed, illiterate, ignorant migrant is that they have no desire to become Americans. They have no desire to blend in and change themselves to become American.  They are demanding America change to suit their needs.  Liberals and social justice warriors, liberal social just Christians are demanding we do just that.

Liberal Christians like to say that as Christians we must be required to allow just anyone into the country.  It is the Christian thing to do.  Um…  The problem with this is they can’t have it both ways.  This is NOT a Christian nation and our laws are NOT based on religion.  Our laws are based on freedom FROM religion.  Sorry,  you don’t get it both ways.  NOTHING in our laws requires we allow anyone to immigrate to this country.  There are no special groups of people and no special endowments.  Nothing gives the person who is not a citizen of the United States the same rights as we have.  That’s why we are citizens.  Our rights as citizens are earned or we are born with those rights.  No matter how passionate the argument that everyone deserves those same right, well, according to our Constitution and our history – they do not.

There is NOTHING bigoted about what I am writing.  I’m simply writing about what I learned in high school in civics and in government classes.  Too bad these courses are no longer taught.  A person must be in this country for at least five years, not have committed a crime, and passes a fairly difficult test the average college graduate can’t pass.  Then they become a citizen.  If they commit a crime they can lose their citizenship and be deported.  If their children commit a crime and they know about it, they can be stripped of their citizenship and be deported.

Living in the United States is an honor, not a right.  Just because a person is an economic migrant does not give them a right to even migrate here.  Just because a person lives in a war zone does not give them that right.  Maybe, people should do what the Brits did during the Blitz, and send their children to safety, then turn around and fight for their freedom.  When you have people leaving a nation and refusing to fight for their freedom, they do not deserve to be allowed to become American citizens.  It is a given they will not be able to uphold their oath of citizenship.

Liberals can’t have it both ways.  Either they admit that we are a Christian nation and must do what is right, or they admit we are not a Christian nation and then don’t shame those of us who are Christians into doing something we don’t want to do.  The world doesn’t work that way.  We can help people in need, by helping them learn how to fish, teaching them to help themselves, and fighting to make their homes livable.  We aren’t helping them if we bring them to another country and give them welfare.

The average migrant who finally makes it to the US gets around $2000/month in welfare and benefits.  They should be helped, but when we have homeless vets, sleeping in the cold, or children going hungry, or senior citizens living on nothing, please, don’t discuss compassion with me.  There are NO laws which guarantee a visa  to every person who requests one.  Those who say that there are no security problems in certain countries which are at war are delusional idiots. I’m sorry, but we take care of ourselves first.  I’m getting sick and tired of liberal Christianity, having lost all respect for Pope Francis.  I am so disgusted with the Presiding Bishop of the ECUSA, as an Episcopalian, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m sick and tired of putting up with his shit.

My problem is we’re dealing with liberal religious leaders who have become so indoctrinated with socialism and globalism, they are willing to lie to their willing constituents about our Constitution and just what is and isn’t allowed in this country.  Presidents take an oath of office to protect the country.  They have a legal right to limit immigration, visits, and visas to individuals from countries where we are having problems.  That right has been upheld for decades.  As a Christian, I don’t appreciate being told that I’m not as good a person as the liberal Christian is because I don’t approve of allowing economic migrants into the country without paying attention to what they are doing to Europe.

I’m tired of it. What liberal social justice warriors who claim to be Christians are doing is projecting their personal hatred of Donald Trump onto those of us who voted for him. Never in my life have I seen anything like it.  I’m sick and tired of it. I’m tired of the lies.  The Holy Family were not migrants nor refugees.  They were political exiles.  Big difference.  One implies abject poverty.  The other implies they had something to lose.  It’s getting old.

Just remember, no one who is NOT an American citizen has the same rights as those of us who are.  Heck, as American citizens we don’t have the same rights as a British Subject.  Each nation is different.  Liberals have a tendency to forget we are not the European Union.  There are borders, passports, visas, and laws.  Every country has borders, passports, visas, and laws.  Why must we forfeit ours in order to be Christians?

“…An applicant for US citizenship must meet the following requirements:

Must be admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident (LPR), commonly referred to as one who possesses green card status. There is only one exception to this requirement: If an applicant has served in the US armed forces during war, that person may be naturalized without first becoming a permanent resident if they were in the United States upon induction or enlistment into the US military.

Continuous residence in the US for at least five years immediately preceding the applicant’s filing for naturalization. Continuous residence is not the same thing as physically present here. That is, one must maintain their status as a legal permanent resident but not necessarily be physically inside the borders of the US to accomplish this. For example, if one is overseas for a portion of this period, maintaining an address location and paying one’s state and federal taxes may help ensure continuity of residence for this requirement. Also, if overseas for any more than a few months, it may be advisable to obtain a travel document prior to departing. This may be done on INS Form I-131. Only three years continuous residence are required if the applicant is filing for US citizenship based upon marriage. This exception applies if you are the spouse of a US citizen and have been married for three years; are the battered spouse of a US citizen (even if you are separated or divorced); are a refugee or political asylee; in the US military or are a widow or widower of someone in the US military; or are a spouse of a US citizen in particular overseas jobs.

Actual physical residence (within the state in which the petition is filed) during at least the three months immediately before filing for US citizenship is another requirement.

Physical presence within the US for a total of at least one half of the period of required continuous residence. That is, two and a half years for most applicants and one and a half years for spouses of US citizens.

Continuous residence (but not necessarily physical presence) in the United States from the date of filing the naturalization application up to the date of being sworn in as a US citizen.

The ability to read, write and speak ordinary English unless they are physically unable to do so due to a disability such as being blind or deaf, or suffer from a developmental disability or mental impairment. Those over 50 years old on the date of filing who have lived here for a total of at least 20 years after admission as a permanent resident and those who are over 55 and have been legal permanent residents for at least 15 years are also exempt from this requirement.

A basic understanding of the fundamentals of US history and government. There is an oral test that covers fundamentals of US history and government and it is required for naturalization.

Good moral character and an affinity for the principles of the US Constitution. Good moral character is reflected in the applicant’s behavior before applying for US citizenship. Good moral character is demonstrated by paying taxes and having a clean criminal record, for example, and is an important part of qualifying for naturalization.

Applicants should be at least 18 years of age at the time of filing. Certain exceptions exist, however, for the children of other permanent residents who are seeking naturalization…”

There are laws.  To demand Christians break those laws in order to meet the new globalist and liberal version of what a Christian is happens to be intellectually dishonest.  These laws have served us well, for over two hundred years.  Why should we change them now?  Has something changed?  I don’t think so.  There have always been waves of people who need help.  We do what we can.  Why is this current mess worse than something 50 years ago?  Maybe, the only thing that has changed is Americans are much more ignorant than they once were.



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