Elizabeth Warren: Innocent Victim or Opportunistic Bully?


Last summer, the lay world discovered what biologists and ichthyologists have known forever. The waters off the Massachusetts coast are one of the favorite summer vacation spots of the Great White Shark.  They are also home to another Great White Shark, the two-legged version, someone far more lethal than Mary Lee would ever even consider being.

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren (D – Pocahontas) excels in playing the innocent victim.  She has spent a lifetime utilizing her victim status, turning it into a career as a representative of the Native American community, fooling even this humble blogger with her lies.

That’s the problem, she lies.

She is also a mean spirited jerk who uses her status as a woman, a so-called minority, and near socialist to bully and attack anyone who gets in her way.  She just doesn’t attack to attack, she attacks to completely destroy.

If someone get in her way, she destroys.  If she considers someone a threat, she goes for the kill.  She will pretend to be a friend or colleague one moment, then destroy that person the next.  When caught, she goes in for the kill, as the victim, the way she did this week, when Mitch McConnell called her down and made her behave.

The victim, ever the victim, went to the press.  As a poor, victimized woman, she was aided by the men around her, as she hysterically and emotionally slandered her target.  She went on the attack, mean, vicious, bullying and almost mentally ill in her approach.

Elizabeth Warren is rapidly assuming the mantle of leader of the progressive end of the Democratic Party.  There are rumors that Caroline Kennedy is interested in running for POTUS.  May God Have Mercy On Her.  When Warren gets finished attacking her, it isn’t going to be pretty.

In fact, I think the case can be made that one of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost was because of how badly Warren damaged her during the primaries.  Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton are perfect examples liberal, feminist, Democratic leaders.  They aren’t really leaders, but crybabies.  If something doesn’t go as they so demand, they just run to the public, claiming that the big bad men of the GOP have insulted them.  Everyone is saying Mitch McConnell made a mistake.  His mistake was assuming that Elizabeth Warren could play hardball like the big boys and act like a grown-up.  Instead just like Hillary, she started complaining and running to the usual sources, for help.

Funny how that is.  Republican women, who are allegedly not to be real feminists, are the ones who are capable of playing hardball and acting like adults.  Democratic women are victims.