Donald Trump as a Father


Like Harry Truman, Donald Trump went postal when his daughter, Ivanka, was dissed over her clothing and accessories line.  My grandparents were married, on this day, in 1924, in Palm Beach, Florida.  I mention this because I had the most wonderful grandfather there ever was.  He taught my father how to be the father of daughters.  As the father of daughters, you defend your daughters.  You protect them, and you nurture them.  A father should also indulge his daughters to the point of chivalry. Unlike most men today, you don’t kick them out in the cold, and expect them to make their own way in the world, without help or guidance.  A father of daughters is also there to pick up the pieces when lives are shattered.

My grandparents had friends who delighted in being called the Adams Family.  Without divulging more about them, Uncle H was a direct descendant of both John and John Q. Adams.  He could have passed as a double for our second POTUS. His adopted daughter had married a military officer, who resigned not long after they were married.  They had two small daughters, and were living out of state.  Their neighbors called Uncle H and told him his son-in-law “A” was running around on “B”, staying out, partying, womanizing, gambling, and leaving her with nothing.  She had to borrow money from the neighbors to feed the little girls.

“B” was his step-daughter, and had been since she was about ten or so.  Uncle H and Aunt H drove all night to where B was living.  He rented a trailer, which he hitched to the back of the station wagon.  With the help of the neighbors, they packed B and the two girls, and loaded what was necessary for them into the trailer. He left a note telling A that he had exactly one year to prove himself.  If he even called B during that time frame he would have him arrested.  This was the South in the mid-1950s.  He could have.

Exactly one year later A appeared in Uncle H’s office.  He had his financial records, employment records, bank accounts, recommendations, and letters from his boss, minister, and everyone else necessary to prove his character.  A year later A was Uncle H’s business partner.  The bottom line is they did live happily ever after – or until B died of breast cancer in the late 1990s.

That was a good father.  I suspect our current POTUS, #45, would do the same thing with one of his daughters, if necessary.  My father would have.  So would my grandfather.  They were part of a philosophy where men protected their daughters. No, it wasn’t/isn’t feminist, but from what I know about life, daughters of fathers like this have an entirely different world view.

Maybe President Trump (I still love saying that) will inspire other fathers to be more protective of their daughters.  It’s rather obvious to me, the people who became angry with him for supporting his daughter are either women who don’t know what it was like to have a father who would move mountains if necessary.  The men who are being nasty either don’t have daughters or don’t understand their role in their lives.