Compassion Overload


I don’t know about you, but I’m a compassionate person, damn it!  I’m a push-over when it comes to a worthy cause.  It needs to be a worthy cause, and it needs to be local, usually.  I’m a soft touch, but only so far.  Compassion is one thing, manipulation is another.  Frankly, I think we the little people are being manipulated by the merchants of compassion, not for compassion’s sake, but for political gain.

Maybe I’m just full up to my chin with compassion overload, and social justice.  I have no respect for social justice warriors.  Social Justice is a contradiction in terms.  The end result requires a tremendous amount of injustice for those deemed not worthy of social justice. In order to be the recipient of ‘compassion’ and social justice one must be part of a specific group of people.  If you are not of that august group, don’t count on compassion or social justice.  You will get none.  You aren’t worthy.

Compassion is a wonderful thing.  It is what separates us from sociopaths.  We Americans are the most compassionate people who have ever lived. We are good people.  We don’t need to be blackmailed, warned, or even coerced into helping those who are truly in need.  It is automatic.

We’re also not stupid.

Have you ever noticed how liberals create certain groups and causes who are worthy of compassion and charity, then ignore those they don’t think are.  The current refugee ‘crises’ created directly by the foreign policy disasters of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry is the perfect example of a manufactured crises.  The world is not even helping the one specific group who is most endangered – Christians in the Middle East.  Social Justice Warriors and Liberal Compassion demands that they be ignored.  If not, we are discriminating against another minority – Muslims from the Middle East.

Now, let’s take this from the top.  The vast majority of the population of the Middle East is Muslim.  Christians are becoming an increasingly endangered minority.  But, in the truly damaged and delusional mind-set of the left, Christians are the majority population.  They are here, ergo, they are in the Middle East.

Compassion requires we cry for refugees who are fleeing their responsibility to fight for their own country.  I go back to Britain before the War, during the Blitz.  They sent their children to Canada, then fought the Nazis.  The so-called refugees who are plaguing Europe and will be a plague here in this country are economic.  They are primarily able-bodied men who are avoiding their duty of protecting and fighting for their own country and their own freedom.

Why the hell should we even give them a crust of bread?  They don’t deserve it.  Their deserted wives and children do, but do they even have wives and children?  Why are they more deserving than the homeless here in the US?  Why are they more deserving than the homeless vet, or the vet who can’t get proper medical attention?

I have no compassion for able-bodied men and women fleeing their country to avoid fighting for their freedom.  Why on earth would we want them here?  If they refused to fight in their homeland, they certainly aren’t going to fight for us. Yet – Social Justice Warriors who are so very into compassion are demanding we help them.  Forget it.

I have no compassion for people who are in this country illegally, and break the law, committing a crime. The vast majority of thee individuals are here for economic reasons.  Why waste our money on them? The pathway to immigration and citizenship is long and hard.  Refugees should not be allowed to go ahead of the others, especially economic refugees.

Why should we have compassion for people who refuse to swear allegiance to the United States?  Why do we have compassion for refugees who are not going to accept our way of living?  Why bother helping people who want us dead?  We’re told, that, as Christians, we must prove what we believe by helping refugees, illegals, and those who require social justice.

That’s a pile of crap.  I can’t take much more of this demand for politically correct, liberal, compassion.  In fact, I don’t put up with it.  There’s something I just remembered.  Christ had abject contempt for those who practiced their ‘compassion’ in public, for everyone to see.  We are to do our charity privately, where no one knows what we are doing, so that we cannot be praised for it.

Damn, I think that leaves out the so-called liberal, religious, Social Justice Warrior, doesn’t it?