Cats, Poodles, Moving, and Fireplace Ash


I have been in the process of moving into my parents’ home for ages.  Unfortunately, I could no longer come up with an excuse not to complete the move and finally did so on Saturday.  It was a nightmare from hell.  I’ve only moved one other time, as an adult.  Due to the fact that I was moving cross-country, it was organized and painless.  This was, I shall repeat, a nightmare from hell.

My help was excellent.  I was a total and complete wreck, completely unable to see the humor in anything.  To be honest, the reason for delaying the move was due to the cats.  I was terrified about moving them to the point where I was having anxiety attacks. One nearly sent me to the ER!

On the way out the door, I was able to catch Baby.  I was hysterical, crying.  Bubbles had wrecked the carrier, terrified of me.  When we arrived at the house, Baby ignored me.  At least she was safe, but I felt as though I had betrayed Bubbles. Yes, I continued to cry to the point where I was useless.

At least Baby was safe.  I felt horrible about Bubbles.

I was miserable.

On Sunday, my sister and I drove into town to feed the remaining cats.  She caught Madam, who made herself right at home.  We worked until nearly 5AM, wrapping dishes to go back to Memphis.  We are going through our mother’s things, which isn’t easy.

Monday I gave Bubbles and Hoss Cartwright kitty tranquilizers.  Cathy threw an old gauze skirt over Bubbles as we pushed her into a carrier.  She complained all the way to her new home. Once out of the crate, instead of running to hide, she began exploring.

Baby has not gone near me since Saturday.  As soon as Bubbles literally took over, Baby is different.  It is obvious Bubbles is the feline leader.  She prowled the house, and visited.  I just knew she would hate me forever.  She’s done nothing but love.  Baby spent a good half-hour loving me!

I’m feeling better now.