Catching Cats


My work has been hit or miss the past ten days or so.  This is the first time in ten years I’ve let things slip this badly, but I have an excellent excuse.  I’ve finally moved.  The dirty deed was accomplished last Saturday, with much horror, tears, consternation, and hysteria – all on my part.  I have some wonderful friends who put up with all of it.  Around 3PM I broke down, hysterical that I could only catch Baby.  I put off the move for months, terrified of moving the cats.  Noting  was in place.  I did not even have a bed that night.  My sister arrived late, from Memphis.  We were planning to begin sorting our mother’s things and meeting with an attorney to begin the probate process.

Baby never surfaced.  Of course I panicked.  I was vile once again I tried the patience of my friends.  I can’t believe they are still speaking to me.  I was a total and complete bitch.  I don’t mind admitting that.  Nothing anyone could do would please me.  When Josie arrived to put my bed together, I was nasty, I think.  If I had been her, I would have sabotaged it.  She is remarkable – and did not!  Frankly, I think she blew it by not rigging it to fall apart the moment I sat down on it.

Cathy and I drove up to Ruidoso later in the afternoon, for an early dinner.  We stopped by the condo.  Yes, I was still a wreck about the cats.  She easily captured Madam de Pompadour, who quickly adapted to her new home.  I noticed a pattern being established with the kitties.  My parents had five cats.  One, Sam, mourned my father, dying beside his favorite place to sit.  There are four remaining.  Sam’s twin, B2, is at least seventeen.  I’ve noticed her health is starting to fade.  The other three, triplets, part Maine Coons, are fourteen.

They hid in the living room.  We began releasing my kitties in the living room, where they would hide for maybe two days, then begin moving around, exploring.  All but Bubbles, who owns the place.

On Monday we went back up to town.  She caught Bubbles, who complained all the way back down to the house.  Bubbles complained more loudly than any of the other felines.  She was horrible.  Strangely enough, within a half hour after being released into her new home, she was the boss.  She took over, roaming around, exploring, and being Bubbles.  She immediately slept with me.

On Tuesday we caught Hoss Cartwright.  He finally came out, tonight.  We picked up Bat Masterson on Wednesday.  He has yet to surface, not taking the move well, at all.  Martina is trying to trap Mommy Cat, who has basically lost her mind, which I assumed she would do.

By introducing the felines, one at a time, thus far, I’ve avoided hissy fits.  There was one little set-too with the guys.  Miss Scarlet, the drag queen, immediately adopted Baby.  They are now good friends.  This morning I caught Baby on top of a bookshelf, exactly where I predicted she would be.

Right now, everyone is sharing food and water.  My mother’s four are demanding Fancy Feast, and not sharing, or my cats aren’t willing to share with them.  Bubbles had her own can this evening.  They are sharing Meow Mix and water.  They are also sharing a single litter box.

Before you go postal, I’m doing the single litter box on purpose.  We’re constantly cleaning it.  I’m thinking the cats need to deal with one another on a litter box level.  I’ve watched enough My Cat from Hell, to realize a litter box is a huge deal for a cat. Next week we will step up the action.  As soon as I can get organized a cat door will be put into the door leading to the garage and the litter will go out there – I hope.

FYI:  The house is still a total wreck.