An Infestation of Rats


Last fall, Dumber and Dumbest contractors removed the busted garage door, built a wall, and put up security doors.  During the process they left a few gaps in the wall.  A few weeks ago, while moving into the house, I discovered we had a nice crop of mice.  Ignore the fact that four cats were living in the house at the time.  What has been truly annoying is the fact that I had left the contents of my kitchen in the garage.  I’m now on the first of quite a few dishwasher loads.  The other night, when I went in search of a clean blanket, in the garage, the mouse droppings were so plentiful, and (at least old) that they sounded like rice hitting the cement floor. Countermeasures against them will begin on the morrow.

Democrats are like rats.  At their worst, and they are at their worst, currently, they are vermin, dirty, disease-carrying, destructive vermin.  Thanks to Walt Disney, the world has this picture of Mickey the Mouse, cute, adorable and charming.   Unfortunately, there is nothing cute, adorable, or charming about this current infestation.  They are rude, arrogant, destructive, and bordering on treason.

Having been subjected to a humiliating loss, they will now stop at nothing to destroy not only the object of their defeat, but those associated with him, and his family.  They are now utilizing tactics quite familiar in North Korea, where anyone who dares cross the ruling monster ends up dead, their family in ruins.  The current Demorats will not be satisfied until they completely destroy the entire Trump family.

This is not America.  It has nothing to do with our republic, the way we do things or our way of life.  It is something quite alien, socialist, and almost dripping with evil, paid for by a horrible monster of a man who betrayed his own people to the Nazis.  With each passing day they become more and more evil, more destructive, and more repulsive, doing things they never would have done, even a year ago. Their lies, told often enough, have become ‘truth’.

We are now learning that Valerie Jarrett has moved in with the Obamas.  She’s going to be assisting the former President of the United States, someone who is to retire off into the sunset, as he does everything possible not only to undermine his successor, but to destroy him.   There is something terribly wrong with this, to the point where it is almost a violation of trust.

The Democrats lost.  The real problem is our nation is in the process of losing something beautiful, a tradition well over two centuries old – the peaceful transfer of power. Unfortunately, we are now in the process of watching a slow-motion coup, led by  former POTUS and a man who betrayed his own people to the Nazis.   Is this how our freedom ends?