Today Without Women?


Liberals have done some truly stupid things, lately, but this is truly the most narcissistic and out of touch venture, to date.

I suspect their Day Without Women will soon be followed by a Day Without Humans, all in protest of Donald Trump.

Today women are to stay home from work.  They are to march, goosestep in sync with their leaders, not shop, and if they must, only patronize minority businesses owned by women.

Stupid is as stupid does.

I can’t believe women are calling in, demanding to be let out of class, with schools closing.  It proves how powerful they are?  If I owned a business and someone did not show up, to protest, they would be unemployed.  Amazing how clueless the elite liberal is, not quite comprehending that only a few women can afford to stay out of work for a day.  They need their paycheck.

Like I said, stupid is as stupid does.