Nasty People


I have been dealing with yet another legal situation – this one since last June.  Without going into details, I received a certified letter, basically foreclosing my condo.  It is not unexpected.  They are right and I am wrong.  I’ve admitted, for the past eight months, that I’m wrong.  I freely admit it.  It was the way it was handled, making it one of the most insulting, rudest, vicious, and inhuman things I’ve had one to me in a long time.

The heading had my name and my late mother’s, then ‘Sir or Madam’.  They were using our first names.  There was no mention of condolences.  Even Champion Mortgage did that much.  This was far more insulting.  They are going to attack her estate, for something I owe.

I’ve known these people for nearly 20 years. My father served on the condo board with them.  The board president and his wife attended many parties at my parents’ home.  We thought they were friends.  I don’t mind admitting I owe the money.  It was the nasty way it was handled.  The worst part is I think I have a buyer for the condo.  Now, because they refused to communicate with me, even though I requested it, in writing, back in June, I don’t know if I can sell it.

Did they think I wasn’t going to pay the bill?  I’m getting tired of people being so rude and insulting.  It’s starting to get old.  The only reason my mother’s name is on the deed is that she and my father had been put on it so he could be on the condo board, to give him something to do.  When he died, as survivor, it went into her name.  I was in the process of getting a death certificate so I could take her name off the deed.  Now, the way the truly nasty attorney has done things, I don’t know what I can do.  All I do know is it is going to cost me a couple hundred dollars in legal fees.