The Real Feminists


I was a little young for the first wave of the women’s lib crowd.  I benefited from it, trust me, but I never burned a bra, went to a protest, nor became hostile to men.  I never wanted to be a feminist.  I just wanted to do what I wanted to do and have a career that I wanted.  I ended up in a male oriented world.

Always into politics, I morphed into a lobbyist working with the space program and the  non-profits.  It was the era of William Proxmire.  Ronald Reagan was excited about space exploration, but the Democrats were doing everything possible to kill it.  Only a few Republicans, and maybe one or two Democrats, including both senators from South Carolina, were interested or even remotely cared about space or NASA.   In Congress, the least important Congressman of them all, with a moldy basement office, co-founded the Congressional Space Caucus.  His tiny office became ground zero in the battle to save NASA.

A group called the National Coordinating Committee for Space was founded.  I was the only woman, getting to hang with some of the luminaries of science fiction, space science, NASA, and men who walked on the moon.  One year, not long before Sally’s ride, there was a major space conference in Houston.  There were no women on the program, no women speakers.  The twenty or so women, myself included, who were in attendance, were furious as we set around the hotel lobby, complaining.  Our favorite Congressman, the keynote speaker, and co-founder of the Congressional Space Caucus told us to stop complaining and realize, as women, we were in a unique position to start making changes – that very day.

We founded the Women’s Space Network.  One of the women who was part of the group was a young physician named Mae Johnson.  All she had ever wanted to do was be an astronaut.  She became the first African American woman in space.  Our patron saint would go on to become the Speaker of the US House – Newt Gingrich.

It wasn’t about hating men, hating Reagan, or talking about our private parts and things best left to a feminine product commercial.  We wanted to be part of the space program – somehow.  When one of the security guards at Johnson asked why a ‘purtty little thing’ like me wanted to hang out with those annoying reporters, well, I went into orbit.  All we wanted was to be able to have the life we wanted.  It wasn’t about taking jobs from men.  It was about fulfilling our dreams.

Never, did we consider ourselves feminists.  Fact is, the original version of feminist just didn’t do well hanging out at the press site at KSC.  Women with the PIO made fun of them, the way they were acting.  So did I.  They were breathing the very essence of a woman in space.  We were hanging out with the guys, interviewing people, and just doing what we always did.

Strangely enough, the world changed.  Women like moi are now the real feminists, believe it or not.  We aren’t about body parts, abortion on demand, forcing women in Islam to commit to servitude, but opportunity.  We are about doing what we’ve always done, no hate involved.

I suspect for the most part, we feel much more at home with the guys.  I know I do.  I chose to live in a man’s world.  I did not want children.  I did not want to do ‘girly’ stuff.  I just wanted to do what I wanted to do.  I still live in a man’s world.  Very few Wild West historians are women.  Those who are, pardon moi for mentioning it, but they are pathetic.  Yes, the role of women in the Wild West has not been thoroughly researched.  It still isn’t.  Today’s feminist just doesn’t understand that world.  Okay, let’s be honest.  A liberal doesn’t understand the world of the Wild West.  They are incapable of thinking outside the box.

Thursday evening I had a fascinating Twitter discussion with an ‘expert’ on crime.  Border crime does not exist.  I’m a fool who refuses to look at FBI statistics.  When I provided him with documented evidence from Cochise County, I was told the county sheriff was lying.  Typical liberal…

The liberal women who today consider themselves feminists have no idea what the world is about.  Because, as one famous actress mentioned, her moral compass was in her _____, well, let’s just be honest – a liberal woman like that has no moral compass.  Evidently morality is something a feminist just doesn’t need.

Maybe they need to grow up?

I enjoy being female.  I like pink, frills, jewelry, and girly stuff.  I also like rockets, science fiction, and baseball. I consider myself a lady, and try to behave as such, the vast majority of the time.  I have manners and know how to use them.  Maybe that’s the difference between those of us who are true feminists and the fake, liberal twits.